Blog Giveaway

Help me kick off my new blog!

On September 30th, I will be giving away one free toy (of your choice!) to a random follower of my blog. You could win a free Little Kitchen, and all you have to do is subscribe to follow this blog. I will also be picking 5 lucky people that have left comments to give away one free toy of their choice under $15. The more comments you leave, the more chances you have to win.

This blog will feature everything you’ve ever wondered about me, toy making videos, recipes, pictures, reviews, and much more. I will be posting every day between now and the end of September, so check back often.

More about the history of Mama Made Them tomorrow…


14 thoughts on “Blog Giveaway

  1. My son (almost 4) has several of your toys. The little house, playground and several bath toys. They were all wonderful purchases!

  2. Hi Cheryl i would love to follow your blog just not to sure what i do to subscribe . Loved reading your blog so far , you have done so well and you are very talented i think !

    • Hi, there should be a button somewhere that says Follow or Subscribe for you to click on. When I look at it, there is a line across the top that has the word, “Follow.”

  3. That’s great that you are starting a blog! Your little kitchen is awesome — it’s true I’ve never seen another one with an oven. I will have to mention your giveaway on my review post. How will you know if someone has subscribed?

  4. Welcome to the world of blogging! I’m following you via WordPress reader. I look forward to your posts and would love to either win a toy for my two-year-old, a.k.a. K-Bear or provide one as a giveaway on The Soulicious Life. Cheers!

  5. this is so awesome! i love learning about people and its awesome to see the person behind the toys i love to much for my daughter!

  6. My almost 3 year old loves your toys and so do I. I plan to add to her collection for her birthday (Sept 30) as well as for Christmas. She already has the playground and several bath toys. I’m ordering the sun house for her birthday and the town for Christmas πŸ™‚

  7. i love your toys. i found your blog through your etsy shop. i have made my son a few wooden toys. and i would love to make him more. what do you finish your toys with so they are child safe?

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