The House

While I did enjoy parts of living in my van–the freedom, the fact that we were outside most of the day, the living expenses, I am essentially a homebody. In fact, part of what I liked about the van, was that I took my home with me wherever I went. So if I forgot something, it was never far away. If all I wanted was to go home and take a nap, all I had to do was go outside. But on the other hand, living in a vehicle is essentially being homeless. There was no land that was my own. And to run the business I wanted to run, I needed space of my own.

And I found it. I went to, what I had determined to be, the cheapest place in the northeast. I had planned to rent a house, but I found one to buy. It was four thousand dollars. That it needed work hardly needs to be said here, but it was cleaned out; the roof didn’t leak; there was only a neighbor on one side of the house, none behind or on the other side. It was 1.5 miles from the post office, the library, the gym, and a small grocery store, so if I decided to go car-free, I could. It had a porch, and most importantly, it had a basement for my workshop.

The catch was that you had to pay cash. It was a foreclosure, owned by Freddie Mac (or Fannie Mae-always did get those 2 confused somehow), and I was essentially broke. So I took out a loan from the bank of Los Padres, and another loan from a friend to make the place livable. And I put in my bid. Unfortunately so did someone else. So we were told to make another bid. I was still nervous about the whole idea of the house, and I didn’t want to get into a bidding war over it (it wasn’t the sort of house you did that with). Plus I didn’t really have any more money, so I put in my bid at $4,100. At that, I didn’t really expect to get it. I was looking for other options, when I got the call that I got the house!


4 thoughts on “The House

  1. Wow, that is gutsy and a great deal on a house! One of my biggest dreams is having my mortgage paid off; you were smart to buy something so affordable that you’ll own outright very soon! My house is also very close to the library and I love that!

  2. With 3 kids I don’t know if I could do a fixer upper ….having said that If I can do one room living! My other half asked me yesterday if I thought we could build a cabin together if we could afford some land, sometimes money is so annoying.

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