Van Dying

A couple of months after I moved into my house, my van started acting weird. I had somebody look at it, replace a part, look at it again…and again…and again, but nothing seemed to fix the problem. Plus the oil pan was rusted through, and I was leaking oil like crazy. Plus the brakes needed work. Plus the thing guzzled gas like there was no tomorrow.

The serpentine belt broke right after Thanksgiving, as I was on my way back from taking my mom to catch a bus back home in Pittsburgh–on Saturday night. So I parked at a Jiffy Lube or something and checked into a hotel next door. I waited around all day Sunday, only for them to tell me that the part they had was defective and they wouldn’t be able to get another one until tomorrow. So I went back to the hotel for yet another night before I was finally able to go home.

I had considered going car free when I bought the house. After all I was less than 2 miles from the post office, library, gym, and grocery store. But right before Christmas was a very inconvenient time to lose my vehicle. Think large boxes, lots of packages, and rushing to the post office at 10 minutes to 5pm everyday. 

I hadn’t yet figured out the printing labels at home thing, so I ended up borrowing my neighbor’s van a few times, taking a taxi at least once. But I had seen these town buses around, so once I figured that out, I decided to give up on the van and the high cost of fuel and repairs, and be car free.

Well, it’s time to go, but I’ll be back tomorrow and every day until the end of September. I missed last week, because I was working around the clock finishing up a large wholesale order. But from here on out, I will be back every day. I’ve also got new toys coming for Christmas, so keep an eye out.

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2 thoughts on “Van Dying

  1. I would love to go from 2 cars to 1. We live in walking distance to quite a bit but the public transportation in my town wouldn’t take me to family or anywhere but the heart of the city. I’ll keep an eye on those new toys. My son really enjoys his little house and his bath toys!

  2. We have two cars but one is on its way out right now I don’t work so we would be just fine with one. I love reading your post and my kids would love the toys.

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