A Day at the Lake

Yesterday, my son wanted to take a walk around the block with his balance bike (read a small bike from the thrift store with the pedals removed). Walking around the block, I realized that it was going to be a hot day. I don’t have air conditioning, and I wasn’t looking forward to another sweltering, humid day around the house. It has become something of an unplanned Friday tradition to go to the nearby state park where there is a beach by the lake. So I blew off work for the rest of the day (I had been up since 6am working already), mailed my packages, and went to the lake.



Caleb made some friends, and we swam. I got to relax and read my book. We got some sun and some sand, something we beach bums are short on here in our landlocked state. We were just about the only family with kids there, but fortunately there were a few kids there all day to play with. And they had the whole beach to themselves. I think September is the nicest time to be unschooled. It’s still warm and sunny, but now the crowds are sitting at desks somewhere.

I did not however, get a chance to post about my new toy, so I will do that now. See the next post…


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