New Toys: Story Sets and Farm Animals

Hi, I have more new toys for you today! I have been hard at work making the same old things, and I thought I’d add some variety to my day with some fun stuff.

First we have one of my son’s favorite stories: The Town Musicians of Bremen. It’s a story I feel teaches a good moral. The animals are escaping from their masters who want to kill them. My favorite line from the version we have, “You can find something better than death everywhere.”


The animals meet up and taking their lead from the donkey, decide to become Town Musicians. On the way, they come upon a farm house that is filled with robbers. The robbers are eating and drinking, and the travelers are tired and hungry. The donkey says, “Come, we are musicians, let us sing for our supper!” The resulting cacophony frightens away the robbers, and the animals have a lovely dinner and settle down to sleep. 



The captain of the robbers sends someone in to scout after the house has been quiet for a while. The animals terrify the scout so badly that the robbers leave never to return. The animals decide not to become musicians and stay at the farm forever. 

The second story set is from one that I know all the other mothers out there can relate to: The Little Red Hen. The little red hen does ALL the work, but (unlike mothers) she gets to eat ALL the cake!



My new farm animals you can see on my website:


8 thoughts on “New Toys: Story Sets and Farm Animals

  1. I am very excited about the Little Red Hen! I think I know what will be in my daughters christmas stocking this year. 🙂 We have the Billy Goats Gruff and the 3 Little Pigs already. They are a BIG hit in our house!

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