Footie Pajamas

I think footie pajamas are the cutest, cuddliest thing that a kid can possibly wear. Not only are they cute looking, but they also keep the kid warm. My son is always kicking all the blankets off, and then his skin is like ice. But with footie pajamas, there is no way to kick them off. Which makes them the perfect thing to wear to bed in the winter.

Some of you may remember me selling cashmere long underwear/pajamas last year. And I plan on selling them again this year, as soon as I get a minute’s peace to sew. However footie pajamas give a kid that extra feeling of warmth from having their feet covered (especially for kids like my son who almost always refuse to wear socks). 

My problem with store bought footies is that they are all polyester fleece. So when your child gets hot and sweaty in them, they don’t breath, they don’t absorb the sweat. Plus polyester pajamas are all treated with flame retardant chemicals. I only sleep in natural fabrics, so why would I want my son sleeping in chemically treated polyester??

But if you try to find footie pajamas in wool, cotton, or other natural fibers, you’ll be looking a long time. Believe me, I’ve looked. There is even a thread on about searching for natural fiber footies. Engel or Ruskovilla sells wool terry footies but only in very small sizes. 

So what could I do? I had to start making my own. I have so far made one pair for my son. They are organic bamboo velour, which has some cotton and about 3% polyester for strength. I also put rabbit skin for the sole part. I bought a whole bunch of seconds-quality rabbit skins from this craft store downtown for a couple of bucks each. She gets them from a hunter who takes the time to prepare the skins. I bought them planning to make mittens or slippers out of them, but I never did, so now they are just for play. And for the sole of Caleb’s deluxe footie pajamas. 



So what does this mean to you? I was happy with the way they turned out, and I am now itching to start selling them. Wool is my second choice as far as fabric goes, but it costs roughly 3 times as much as the bamboo velour. And I’m concerned about the itch factor. I have some wool fabric on hand, so I may make a pair for my little one and see how he likes it. There is also a bamboo fleece fabric that I’d like to try. And organic cotton french terry sounds nice too.

Tell me, what do you think about natural fiber footie pajamas? What fabric would you like to see them in? And does anyone know where I could get non-slip soling material for the feet? 


5 thoughts on “Footie Pajamas

  1. I agree that they are the cuddliest-looking clothes for kiddos… but my toddler gets so hot when she sleeps that she wears shorts! Even in the winter! 😀

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