Basic Vegan Pancakes and French Toast

Yesterday, we woke up to a chilly fall morning that had penetrated our house. I decided to make this Monday special with a pancake breakfast even though it wasn’t pancake morning (that’s Saturday morning). We didn’t have pancakes on Saturday, because we were out of syrup. I also made some hot apple cider (the only kind of hot drink I really like).

Bizzarly, Caleb decided (very loudly) that he didn’t want pancakes, so I agreed to make french toast as well-even though we had no homemade bread left. So I made pancakes for me, and storebought bread french toast for him.


I thought I would share my basic Pancake and French Toast recipes with you, because even if you aren’t vegan or vegetarian with vegan leanings (like me), it’s always handy to have eggless recipes on hand for those times you run out of eggs or crack open your last egg only to find it smells awful.

Basic Vegan Pancakes (I also use this recipe for waffles, but sometimes with extra oil to make them crispier)

1 cup of flour (I use whole wheat flour)
2 tsp of baking powder
1/4 tsp of salt

–whisk that stuff together, then add….

1 cup of milk (I use soy milk or almond milk)
1 tablespoon of oil (sometimes I leave this out)

–mix everything together, add more liquid if it’s too thick, then cook them and eat them!

And of course there is every variation under the sun. Today I was planning on adding some cornmeal (and subtracting some flour), but my cornmeal had become infested with moths. [ Note to self: store rarely used whole grain flours in the freezer.]

My dad was the king of pancake/waffle variation. He would add seeds, nuts, a variety of flours, extracts of almond, and of course all manner of fruit. Saturday morning was just about the only time my dad would cook. I used to come home from college in time to get some of dad’s pancakes. My favorite one of my dad’s pancakes used partial oat flour, almond extract, and almonds chopped up small.

French Toast
(This may not taste as real to other people who are used to more eggy-tasting french toast, but I think my dad’s french toast was always light on the eggs, so it tastes normal to me.)

All I do is mix soy milk with lots of cinnamon and some nutmeg, and dip/soak (depending on whether it’s storebought bread or homemade) the bread in it, before putting it on the griddle. Homemade bread is-of course-better tasting. Storebought bread is so light and fluffy, it makes for soggy french toast. I’m in favor of a heavy bread for french toast.

Of course you can’t have really good pancakes without real maple syrup. Even when we were in our van, I bought the good stuff. I grew up with the real thing, and I’d rather never have pancakes again rather than eat them with that sticky high fructose corn syrup imitation. Of course, growing up we had to have 1 or 2 without syrup-with jelly, apple butter, or something. Today I put some applesauce on my to cut down on the amount of liquid gold I was using.


So that’s my recipe for the day. Enjoy!


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