How to Make Applesauce without a Food Mil and Apple Juice without a Juicer

I got about 10 pounds of apples from the farmer’s market for $5. They were the spotty, knobbly ones. Yesterday afternoon, our pool plans got put off since the neighbor kids came over to play, so I figured I’d get started processing apples.

My maternal grandmother, before she passed 7 years ago, used to make the most delicious apple sauce ever. We called it Nana’s Applesauce.She would make a lot in the fall and freeze it in ziplock bags. She used to bring it at Thanksgiving and various other times of the year when we’d see her. Nana’s Applesauce had to be carefully rationed out to the six of us kids (myself and my five brothers), otherwise somebody would hog it all.

I wanted to make applesauce like my Nana’s. Nana’s Applesauce was pink. So I had to cook the apples with the skin on them, but then I had to find a way to remove skins without a food mill. I found someone online who said she smooshed it through a strainer, so I decided to give that a shot.

So I cooked the apples down, and then put them in a strainer, and tried to push them down a spatula. That was tiring and didn’t work that well, so I dove in with both hands (plus 2 of my son’s). That worked better, though a food mill of some sort would work even better.

Now to make apple juice, it’s even easier. Just cut and core the apples, put them in the food processor with the s-blade, and process them for a minute or two. When they look like this…


…then dump them out into a (very) clean or new rag, cheesecloth may be the way to go for this, but I’m not that on the ball with my apple juice making. Anyway, then wrap the apple pulp up in the rag and squeeze!


Your children will love this part. The juice comes out and is delicious like cider. 🙂 I freeze the juice, though, really we could drink it all in a couple of days, but I like to spread it out. I also freeze the applesauce. I have an enormous freezer, so I don’t bother with canning anything.

This morning, I also cut up about 20 pounds of tomatoes to freeze (also from the farmer’s market-$10), so our winter chilis will have delicious summer tomatoes.


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