It’s this time of year when I started to go a little crazy. In December I’m certifiable, but it’s right now when I start feeling things slipping away from me. Orders are starting to pick up, the days are getting shorter (which always makes me sleepier), and right now I’m in the middle of  a large wholesale order as well.

The first thing to start slipping away is the clean house that I have been striving for all summer. The laundry starts piling up, the dishes aren’t done right away, we have a few more of those nights where we eat instant food (a can of beans and tomatoes and jalapenos is my ideal instant dinner), and on it goes until I feel out of control.

Like most mothers, I have too many jobs. On top of the “governess” job, I am also the housekeeper, gardener, and chef. On top of that I run my own business, I am in charge of book keeping, production, packaging, shipping, customer service and of course all the custodial and IT work as well.

And the question comes to how to restore my sense of balance? How to restore my sanity?

Something waldorf teachers do (so I’ve read) when the kids start acting up is to begin restoring order to the environment. When the things around you are neat and orderly, it helps your mind be more calm and ordered. So that’s where I start.

I take a step back from my “real” work, and I start putting the house and basement and office back in order. It’s very hard with all these orders piling up and these customers (only in my mind) screaming at me to get their orders out yesterday! It helps to put on some music, that drowns out the imaginary disgruntled clients.

After I’ve picked up and put away, then I need to get back to my routines. Last year at Christmas time, I swore to myself that I would not let it get that crazy this year. Crazy is when you wake up at 6 am (when you went to bed at 3 a.m.) and work every second of the day. When you take your oiling to the pool with you so your son can swim while you work. When you stick your finger into the bandsaw blade because your brain is a bit addled, and then spend the whole ride to the emergency room calling yourself all manner of names, because think of all the work I’m going to miss while this heals!

So the routines are what I’m counting on to save me this year. Plus I got my wholesales out of the way before the holidays. When things get crazy, I just need to remember to take a step back. Breath. Recreate order in my environment. Then I can get back to business.

Speaking of which…



What do you do to get yourself and your family back on track when things get crazy? Tomorrow I’m going to post about the ways I balance my business and taking care of my son.


9 thoughts on “Balance

  1. I feel like things begin to spin out of control too when the clutter takes over. For me, the key is to keep on top of it because when the house is cluttered, so too is my mind. My kids are old enough now (6, 8, and 9) that they can do their part to clean up and bring some order to the chaos. When they are involved in the not-so-fun tidying, they are more inclined to keep things neat too (sometimes).

  2. I definitely clean to release stress-most satisfying is the vacuum, I think because all the stuff has to get picked up before I can use it. If the house is really stress filled it’s usually out for a quick walk first-the stormier outside the better! I learned that a clean house at the end of the day made me feel at peace when my daughter was about 1- in that new toddler ‘I can dump out everything all day’ stage. I like to light a scented candle just before the cleaning is done so I can sit and admire my work when the week/day has been very long.

  3. FIrst off HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    To keep myself from going crazy is to do the marathon cleaning. Send the kids off to grandmas house and spend the day cleaning up. Turn on some music and just tune out.

    However my problem now is trying to keep it that way 😦

    But I agree having my son old enough to clean up after himself helps sooooo much. And my daughter is a neat freak (at 24mo) and doesn’t like things out of place. I have no clue where she gets that from 🙂

  4. As a working mom who homeschools, things get away from me quickly, especially when I spend my days off focusing on socialization. :p We are working on a few things in our home right now. 1 is to make a top five to do list before going to bed of the five things I need to get done the next day. We have three ten minute round-ups throughout the day where the children gather up all the toys, dishes, clothes, etc that clutter up the house through out the day. I also pick one mess that has gotten away from us (a cupboard or drawer that has become disorganized, clothes that are too small, etc) and spend 10 minutes each day working on that. It has been helping us to keep up with the mess without falling behind in other areas of our life. We aren’t getting ahead, but we are afloat. LOL Good luck to you!

  5. I’m with you, I always want to clean the house when I’m overwhelmed. For whatever reason, there’s nothing like tidy closets and a clean house to help me feel in control again. I also like to take a step back and schedule do nothing days. I’m guessing this is impossible/difficult when you run your own business, but there’s nothing like a quiet day at home to calm everyone down and help us adjust to a more reasonable pace. Best of luck with the holidays!

  6. Go out for a walk, have a hot chocolate, I can deal with a lot more then. My daughter lost her glasses recently, and after 2 days of unsuccessful searching (mostly by me) I got the girls each a new sweater and said if they tidied up really well and looked for the glasses then they could have their top. Ok so they need a sweater anyway but they tidied up without fussing.

  7. i love your honesty. when i start to get overwhelmed… hot cup of tea, go outside, open a window, turn on some music and have a dance party… something to make us laugh. do something i love. read a book with my daughter and remind myself that THESE are the things that count. you are doing a great job mama!!

  8. I promise to not be a disgruntled client. 🙂 I’m just so excited to have something for my children to play with that’s not made in China. I’m so okay with waiting longer for a quality item. I’m sure all your clients feel that way so don’t stress yourself out-being a Mama comes first.

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