Watermelon Juice

Well, I just cut up what is surely the last watermelon of the season. And with the season goes my favorite late summer breakfast.

Scoop out the flesh of a half a watermelon (or whole if it’s one of those little ones) into your blender.

That’s my beautiful oak countertop. Installed by my brothers and I last February. Replacing 2 2 X 12’s that I was using before.

If it’s a seeded watermelon, which have the best flavor if you can get them, pulse blend the flesh until it’s juicy. Then pour it into a strainer to strain out the seeds. If there aren’t any seeds, you can go ahead and just blend it and pour it into your glass.

The glass is sitting on my farmhouse kitchen table that I made with plans from ana-white.com.

This wonderfully hydrating drink is the perfect start to a hot summer day. You have to drink a lot of it though to be full. I tend to sip at it half the morning, and then have an early lunch. It’s also a good thing to drink the morning after a summer barbecue when you’ve had a few too many beers. If you can find any watermelons, enjoy it while you can. If not, we’ll just have to wait until next year for this sweet and juicy treat.


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5 thoughts on “Watermelon Juice

  1. Mmmm I love watermelon! My mom made something very similar to this when I was pregnant with DS, she called it a virgin watermelon daiquiri, to sip poolside during family get togethers.

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