Caleb’s favorite toy

Ever since I bought this house, with its large front porch, I have been wanting a hammock swing. I envisioned swinging gently in the hammock relaxing on warm summer evenings with a book watching Caleb play in the yard.

So last summer, I had some extra cash, and I started shopping for swings. I started with, but then I decided to check etsy, where I found this seller: Hamanica.

Instantly, I fell in love with her hammocks. The shipping was high, since it had to be shipped from Nicauragua, but the price of the hammock swings were fairly low. They were handmade from 100% cotton. The only question now was what color to get. White? Red? Yellow? Green? I couldn’t decide, so I got all four.

Multicolor Sitting Hammock, Hanging Chair Natural Cotton and Wood

It took close to a month to get here, as I recall, but it was worth the wait. If anything, it was more beautiful in person, and comfortable?? I could sleep in that thing. That is, I could sleep in it, if I ever got to SIT in it! I swear the only time I get to sit it in it is when my son either doesn’t know I’m outside or he’s asleep.

The swing is THE toy at our house. When Caleb’s friends are over, there are 2 kids sitting on the top bar, with another sitting in the seat. When there aren’t any kids over, Caleb goes out there to do tricks.

That bar on top has seen more action than the uneven bars at the olympics. It has single-handedly made up for having no swingset, monkey bars, or climbing trees on our property. And he’s only fell on his head like once (though apparently, it was really his shoulder).

Not that we have room for it, but you could definitely hang this indoors as well in the winter. I definitely would, if I could find a place for it. Those long winter days when you are stuck inside need some tricks to liven them up. Actually, I could make a place in the basement… Though it is pretty dusty down there and cold and noisy…

All in all, this hammock swing has been used and abused for a year, and it’s still going strong. However, if you actually want to sit in a hammock, you might want to get two.


5 thoughts on “Caleb’s favorite toy

    • Surprisingly, Maggie, the cats don’t pay any attention to it. There are about 20 cats that roam the neighborhood and often sleep on our porch, but they haven’t touched the hammock–perhaps because it is off the ground, and the seat part is not like a seat unless you are sitting in it, unless you have cushions on it, which we do not.

  1. Your son is so cute! My little boy is into everything and also such a climber! Very different from my cautious daughter. Fortunately he is also more coordinated 🙂

  2. so much fun! We have 3 hammocks that we really need to put up at our lake house this coming summer. The kids are going to have so much fun!

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