Washington, DC

My brother has been working in DC for about 2 years, and I kept saying that we’d come and visit him. But somehow it never seemed to work out. If I had time, then I didn’t have money. If I had money, I didn’t have time. (The curse of the toymaker) But finally I just decided to schedule a visit for his birthday this year-regardless of the consequences.

We spent only one day there, so we packed in as much as we could.

Great Falls, VA. Our first and most beautiful stop.

We went to Great Falls, VA first. The idea was to avoid morning traffic into the city, but we hit traffic anyway. I’m glad we went though. It was amazing. So rocky!

The National Zoo-my “aminal” lovers favorite stop.

Next we went to the Zoo and saw pretty much every animal there.

With his dear uncle.

Then we went to lunch, and then to the mall. Caleb tried to scale the White House fence. While we were there, we overheard a kid say, “The squirrel is going to attack the president!” And his mother said, “They just heard you say that.”

The White House

The Washington Monument is really cool. I love that it’s the first thing you see when you get near the city. It’s so odd and out of place.

yep, he’s wading in the reflecting pool-which may or may not be illegal

He was looking for money with this little British kid about his age. That’s perfectly reasonable right? We wanted to go to the Smithsonian after this, but it was closed. We went back to my brother’s house changed and went out to dinner. And the day was over. Then the next morning we took the train to the bus stop! (Which may have been the highlight of the whole trip for Caleb. Well, that and the day before when we went up and down this enormous Metro escalator like 4 times. There were 145 steps, at least on the one that was broken that I climbed up.)


2 thoughts on “Washington, DC

  1. My husband took me there for one day when we were first together, he bought me a pretzel, (my first…pretzel not husband!) we went to the smithsonian, and i saw the ruby slippers. I’m british, he’s american. I’m sure our girls would climb into the water if they thought there might be treasure involved.

  2. *thought I had already left a comment but it didn’t come up*

    So glad you guys had a fun time even though it was short.

    I’ve never been to DC but it seems like a great time of year to go

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