Boating in the creek

We love to go to the creek in the summer, well, any time really. Our favorite pass time is catching crayfish (well, my favorite pass time is sanding toys or reading a book), but our second favorite thing to do is boat races.

I make my boats out of 2 by 3’s which are full of knots and cracks. So sometimes, I get a boat all cut out and maybe even halfway sanded, before I realize that there is a crack in it somewhere. Those boats used to get burned up in the fire, but now they have a new life as creek boats. And if Caleb happens to make any friends at the creek or lake, they can be given away without regret, since there are always more coming.

This is a video my brother took while he was out visiting us for Labor Day. The creek was swollen from heavy rains the day before, so it was perfect for racing.



3 thoughts on “Boating in the creek

  1. love the boat races and that Caleb can give them to new friends he meets. Can’t wait to give the kids their boat for christmas. Now I hope they don’t fight over it 🙂

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