Biscuits on a Stick

Every Sunday night (with a few exceptions) we have a campfire in our backyard. Sometimes Caleb’s neighborhood friends come, sometimes not. It’s a fun thing to do to kick off the week, and it helps me get rid of all the wood scraps that otherwise pile up in my basement. I also use the oil and beeswax soaked paper towels that I use for finishing my toys as fire starters (I’m thinking of marketing them-they work so well). I do my best not to waste anything in the making of my toys.

During the summer we were cooking Gardenburgers. I cut super thick slices of Purple Cherokee tomatoes from our garden to put on top, together with onions and lettuce and whole wheat buns, with honey mustard dressing. Yes, I suppose I should (should?) be making my own veggie burgers, but they always fall apart and none of the recipes that I have tried have been very good.

Now that summer is officially over–the first frost has come and gone, the tomato vines are blackened, and the last of the tomatoes were gone weeks ago anyway–I can’t bear to cook veggie burgers without the delicious tomato on top. So I have to come up with other things to cook.

Today, I made vegetarian sloppy joes. I basically just mixed cooked lentils with tomato sauce and some chili powder. It could have used some more spice, but it was pretty good.

But the real star was the biscuits on a stick. My mom told me about doing this at camp when she was a kid, and I was talking about it with a friend of mine, and she sent me a recipe for bread on a stick. I didn’t use the recipe, but I did try out the idea.

I used my regular biscuit recipe (2 cups of flour-whatever mixture of white to whole wheat you prefer, 1 tablespoon of baking powder, 1 teaspoon of salt, 2/3 cup of milk-from whatever animal or plant you prefer, and 1/3 cup of oil). I mixed it up and took it outside in a covered container so it wouldn’t dry out.

I found a stick outside, took a blob of dough, and wrapped the dough around the stick. Then I squished it together pretty well and started cooking it over the fire.

They turned out fairly well. The thinner you squish it, the better it cooks. My first one was a little bit too fat. I think it might work even better on a metal stick of some sort-maybe something for shish-kabobs. I think the metal might heat up and cook the inside of the biscuit in a way that wood does not do.

All in all, it was a success. Caleb was saying that he liked biscuits cooked over a fire, even better than the ones from the oven. Of course, I was the one doing all the cooking. He can’t be bothered to cook a marshmallow properly, so biscuits were out of the question.

What are your favorite things to cook over (or in) a camp fire? Does anyone have a delicious veggie burger recipe for me?


One thought on “Biscuits on a Stick

  1. my number one thing to cook over the campfire is s’mores of course 🙂 But nutritiously wise…it would have to be corn on the cob or skewers of other veggies and meat.

    sorry no delicious veggies burger recipes here…but I’d love to find one

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