Audio Stories for Kids

When I was a kid, I used to love listening to books on tape, and radio story shows (Adventures in Oddessy, Ranger Bill!, and others from the Christian radio station). Now that I’m all grown up (though sometimes I wonder about that), I still love to listen to audio books. My time for that is limited however. Caleb and I do not share them same listening passions.

But I went searching for audio stories on the internet a couple of year ago. Really I was looking for this version of The Tale of Peter Rabbit that I loved when I was a kid. I didn’t find that version, but I found something better-2 things better.

The first one is the best. It’s a website called Storynory. Natasha (and now a couple of other readers as well) read stories. There are a lot of fairy tales, but also fables and myths, Rudyard Kipling stories, and more. Natasha has a lovely speaking voice, and she does great voices for the various characters. And she’s British, so that makes it all the more refined and exoctic sounding (for Americans anyway!).

Caleb’s favorite stories are anything from the Jungle Book-the white seal is an especial favorite and The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson. And lots of other shorter stories and fairy tales. The best thing about the site is that they are all FREE! You can download them to keep on your computer and put them on a CD or mp3 player for car rides.

The other site that I like is called Light up Your Brain. There are other things on there besides stories, but the stories are the only things I’ve listened to. Chuck Brown reads these stories. This is where I found a nice version of the Peter Rabbit Stories that are a big hit in our house. It’s not quite as good as Storynory, but it is free with lots of well-read stories.

We also have quite a number of books on tape from Audible-Amazon’s audio book site. They cost money, but they are dirt cheap, and I got a number of them for free when I joined the site. Our 2 favorites from there are the Mowgli stories from the Jungle Book, and a large compilation of Dr. Suess stories-with The Lorax being our favorite (it has cool music).

Of course I read to my son too, several books a day, but I also have other things to do-especially now. Plus there is something special about audio books. I like to listen to them while I am sewing or finishing toys, and sometimes I get so engrossed in listening to the book, I forget to keep working. When we were kids, we would play with clay (house, people, cars, money, stores, we played for hours) on Saturday afternoons when the best radio shows came on, so we’d listen to the shows while we made our cars and houses and people and set up our town.

Check out the sites, and let me know what your favorites are.




2 thoughts on “Audio Stories for Kids

  1. excellent, our cd player gave up last week and the disc drive on our mac won’t play disc, I only had 4 stories on the iPod, and this solves some problems.

    Why is it my eldest never cleans but for some reason decided to clean inside the cd player?

  2. I’ll have to check out that link…I got all of my books on cd from Scholastic when I was teaching. My 5 year old loves to listen to them at night during bed time. He got the Magic Tree House series from my sister last year along with Magic School Bus.

    we have a lot of seasonal books on cds as well as other fun stories.

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