Photo Scavenger Hunt

It has been raining for 5 days straight here. It may have let up once or twice when I wasn’t looking, but I doubt it. All that rain coupled with the 40 degree weather and the wind means we’ve been stuck inside. And Caleb is going  CRAZY.

He was bouncing off the walls this morning, and not in a good way either. In the let’s throw things at mama and do whatever we can to get a rise out of her. We’d already played a bunch of games, read a few books, had a leisurely French toast breakfast.

When I’d had enough, I stood up and said, “Get your boots and your coat.” He was curious enough to find out what was going on, so he acquiesced. Then I said, “Get your gloves and I put a hat on his head. We were enjoying (?) a brief respite from the rain, but it was still Cold. We searched for and found his camera: a fisher price, indestructible type digital camera-that incidentally, I do NOT recommend. It takes terrible pictures, the screen is tiny and you have to buy the cord to connect it to the computer separately. We got ours at Goodwill of course, so it was a pretty good deal for $3. I’m thinking of getting a nicer digital camera from goodwill for his birthday in four months. Although, this one really is indestructible.

After we found the camera, I sent him on a photo scavenger hunt. I started with 3 things so he would be able to remember them-he can’t read yet. Then after he found them and wanted more, I made him a pictorial list of five things.

He came back with pictures of parking cones (neighbor’s have one), pumpkins, stop signs, a worm, and so on. When he was done, I had hot herbal tea waiting for him and some homemade raisin bread toast. In the meantime, I finished up packaging up toys, so we could go to the gym and go swimming. And I didn’t have to strangle him.


2 thoughts on “Photo Scavenger Hunt

  1. so much fun! I love doing things like that with the kids. Especially in the grocery store with my hubby and my 5 year old son…send them off to find things 🙂

  2. SO LOVE this idea, Cheryl! Thanks for posting this! I’ve gotta try this this week w/my kids. Ella’s grandma got her a Kodak digital camera last Christmas (on sale but still not as good as a deal as Goodwill!) so she’ll be thrilled to have a photo hunt.

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