Mama Made Them is not Alone Anymore

Nope, not announcing an engagement or anything. I know single mothers do date and marry and all that, but goodness knows where they find the time. 

I have hired an assistant. Basically she is an extra me. If I need babysitting, she sits. If I need greasing (applying an oil finish), she does that. Those are the two main things I need help with. Other things I’ve considered would include painting people, cleaning, cooking, and tracing patterns for animals to be cut. 

I hired a babysitter for the last couple of weeks before Christmas last year. She was a single mother, and she had a 1 year old. The house was in no shape for her to stay here, so she watched Caleb at her house. Caleb went along with it, but he wasn’t crazy about the idea. 

This year, I have redone the guest bathroom, and the house hasn’t been wrecked from working too much near Christmas (yet). So I hired someone before things got too crazy. It’s part of my new plan to keep things from getting out of control around Christmas time. 

Caleb loves having someone else around to talk to, even when she’s working for me. And having someone else to play games with is better than Christmas. And since he’s at his own house, he feels more comfortable. 

For the first year and a half of his life, he would scream his head off the whole time I was gone. Subsequently I didn’t leave him very much. As he got older, he would be okay for small amounts of time with my brothers or mother. Now he’s fine with other people.

Still he’s never had much babysitting. For the past 3 years, I’ve lived away from my family, so I didn’t have them for babysitters, and I never wanted to pay anyone for doing what I could do.  

I am loving having an assistant now though. It’s a heady feeling realizing that work is being done while I’m in the basement. So I now have 9 hours a week of un-interrupted work time. Hopefully that will mean I will better be able to serve my customers, and be able to sell toys for most of December, rather than closing December 6th like last year.

If this post is more disjointed than usual, it’s because I have 4 boys playing/fighting/screaming/shooting each other’s people… So I’m supervising/refereeing/trying to keep my patience and protect my house. And trying to write a blog post. So it’s hard to know if I’m making any sense.


3 thoughts on “Mama Made Them is not Alone Anymore

  1. Good for you! Way to get ahead before it gets so crazy! And I don’t even know how you can type with all that going on-just my 3 kids screaming is enough for me to forget why I came into a room. And your post was coherent, so you are pretty awesome! I’ve never been good at multitasking, myself. 🙂 Right now, My kiddos are asleep; thus, I can finally check email and *think*…

  2. perfectly coherent 🙂 I never left my kids much when the girls were little or my littlest now, I sometimes feel a bit judged by others when my kids are so attached to me. (crazy). Just recently a friend of mine who also has a little one, started taking my youngest, in a “I’ll have him, you go for a walk with the others,” way, leaving me no room for but’s and if’s and its actually quite good, I’m not one to ask for help so having a friend not to be argued with has given me a few breaks I didn’t know I needed…ok i knew i need them I just won’t have thought to ask.

  3. We are very lucky to have one set of grandparents and lots of great aunts and uncles nearby. Arlo loves to stay with them. When he was little I hated to leave him. Now that he is mobile I love the break. Getting help sometimes is hard. I work full time and used to hire someone to clean then I starting feeling guilty about the money and stopped. It is a hard balance.

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