I am Bereft

My beloved Dewalt scroll saw has forsaken me. It started making a knocking noise, and after trying to fix it yesterday for the entire 2 hours the babysitter was here, it still was making that sound and it sort of bumped a bit when it made the noise. I was trying out the different things the Dewalt rep had suggested might be the problem.

There is this L-shaped rod, that could be bumping this plate, so you can try to turn it once counterclockwise, and if that doesn’t work, try turning it once more, and if that doesn’t work, only once more, and if THAT doesn’t work, then you should turn it back to where you started and turn it clockwise this time up to 3 times. In between all these turns, you have to take apart the head assembly every time and put it back together every time to see if you fixed the knock.

Oh and there are four different sets of screws/bolts that need to be undone and they all take different screw driver bits or allen wrench sizes. The plus side is that I feel more comfortable dismantling my saw….

I bought it last year, and I bought it NEW. I was tired of waiting for one to show up on craigslist-my normal tool supplier. I needed to upgrade to a professional tool. I spend 1-2 hours on my scroll saw almost every single day of the week.

My warranty is up next week, so I had to get it into be fixed now. The nearest Dewalt service center is in Pittsburgh and about an hour away. I moped around the rest of the day Wednesday-half hoping it would fix itself if I ignored it a little, but alas, this morning, it was the same.

We packed up the saw and drove it to Pittsburgh almost first thing in the morning-not first thing, since I didn’t want to hit the traffic, but second or third thing anyway. We found the service center with no trouble, well the 31st Street Bridge was missing, but we took the 40th and found our way back thanks to my GPS.

I left my scroll saw there, and they’ll mail it back when they are done. Fortunately, I was really dreading another trip into the city next week.

But now, I am sad. There is a big empty space on my workbench.

And I’m without my big scroll saw FOR A WEEK OR TEN DAYS!!!!!! I do have my old one, but it’ll be tough going back.

What appliance or tool would leave you feeling lost and desperate if it broke?


5 thoughts on “I am Bereft

  1. I think I could make do with any tool or appliance that broke. But the biggest thing that would leave me at a loss is my arms. If I ever lost the use of my hands/arms I wouldn’t be able to do anything (well I guess I could but still)…I wouldn’t be able to knit, sew, cook, hug my kids.

    • WOW, I definitely wasn’t thinking of losing body parts. I think I would feel pretty lost without any of my body parts. I almost lost just the top of my finger, and that shook me up pretty badly.

  2. Hi, Chery! I have been reading but not posting the past month for one reason or another. Thanks again for the kitchen, my daughter is going to love it! Anyhoo… I am sorry for the loss of your saw. I am sure as you recall, during our last coop, my husband broke my laptop, in the middle of our buy. So, trying to wrap up a buy and even just take care of e-mails was pretty challenging for me. I felt like i was letting people down because I was so slow in responding and unable to meet time goals I normally wouldn’t struggle with. I totally understand that even though you have access to another saw, it is not the saw your normally use and are comfortable with. While I was able to use my mom’s computer, I had to go to her house and her setting were not the same! I could live without my computer though, I couldn’t wouldn’t be able to host group buys, lol. I have to agree with Erica though, losing a limb would make life much more challenging. I am happy the saw broke shortly before the warranty was up and not the week after! Good luck, I hope they are able to repair it quickly!

  3. I’ve lost 2 sewing machines in crunch times, and it really isn’t fun. the first time, I was lucky enough to have a new machine that I figured out pretty quickly. When my serger broke, it was a different story (took forever to fix it, cost half of what I paid to repair it). so frustrating!

  4. Our computer and camera broke this week. The computer is still under warrenty but the camera is not. I have enjoyed a break from the computer (with iphone and a work computer) but not having the camera is painful. We tried to get it repaired but have learned it really isn’t worth it. The price and time involeved is crazy. So now we need to buy a new one.

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