Those Lovely Waldorf Blogs

I don’t know about you, but I love reading these waldorf homeschooling blogs. You can just picture their lovely all wooden toys, their little school room where they sing songs and make wet-on-wet watercolor paintings.

These homes run like well-oiled machines. Mother cooks everything from scratch for breakfast, lunch, and dinner–probably out of things from their large kitchen garden in the backyard. Oh and of course they have a planned snack time in the morning and tea time in the afternoon. She knits and makes beautiful crafts for all of the festivals.

She’s wonderfully spiritual and her children just love going to church.

Their children are always well-behaved, and if they get a little rambunctious, Mother steps in with a quiet word to calm things down and set things right. And speaking of setting things right. These homes are all immaculately clean, because after all the environment affects the children.

The children are well-mannered, and sit down to their lessons with no fighting, whining, or tantrums about having to do school work. They do their chores with gladness, knowing that they are valuable contributors to the household.


THIS is not one of those blogs. Yes, I cook most things from scratch. Yes, I knit and crochet. Yes, I happen to make a living out of my handwork. Yes, I garden and preserve food in my freezer. But just because I do those things, I would hate to give the impression (and I’m sure I haven’t), that I am in any way on top of things.

My house is often a mess. Thanks to Flylady’s routines, things are improving, but my kitchen table is still covered with all manner of things-not to mention my floor. 

My son and I get along quite well, I would say, and he’s well-mannered, but he prefers to avoid doing anything that I ask him to do. I imagine he would be a very difficult child to homeschool in the traditional way of being required to do lessons. 

If you show up at our house during the day, you are likely to hear music (rock, hip hop, classical, opera, anything with any quality) blasting from the basement over the sound of power tools. My son will likely be watching his video for the day (and it might be a Disney movie!) or playing with legos or matchbox cars (or wooden animals or my cars and people). 

Meals are prepared when people are hungry. Our nativity scene for Christmas has a hodge-podge of half-unsanded, unfinished figures. You know the old saying about the shoemaker’s children and how they always go barefoot?

I don’t even believe in a spirit world to be spiritual about, and my son threw an all out FIT when I told him we were going to church when my mother came to visit. 

I’m far from a perfect example of anything, but I do what I can, and we have a happy life despite the chaos that sometimes ensues. 

Do you know those blogs I’m talking about? They are lovely, aren’t they? But this isn’t one of them, I’m afraid.


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