Even Santa has to take sick days….

…when she’s too weak to stand up. Other than that, I swear I would be working!

I was horribly sick this weekend. Completely out of the blue. I went to get more hardwoods in the morning from this seller in Ohio-about an hour away. I hated to take the time to do it, but I was about to run out of cherry and walnut. I haven’t been able to find anyone closer for these woods.

Caleb was feeling ill Friday and Saturday, so he just stayed in the car at the guy’s shop (Buckeye Tree Company if there is anyone in the Ohio Valley area looking for domestic hardwoods), and we came straight home.

We took a nap, because he was ill, and he had kept me up wimpering most of the night, and after we got up, I drank a smoothie, and then said I’d better be getting to work. I sat down to finish a few toys, and felt sick. It was all over from there. Fortunately Caleb didn’t get sick and was his normal perky self the next day.

So, instead of 2 barns and 2 dollhouses and 4 kitchens made over the weekend (ambitious, I know, but when you are adding up work lost, you can count how much you WANTED to get done), there was a whole lot of moaning and lying in bed and on the couch. 

Today, Monday, I was feeling somewhat better-I could sit up, and even stand for a little while without feeling sick and lightheaded. So I thought I’d better tackle some airplanes. 

Now I sort of dread making airplanes. I have to cut through 1.5″ thick wood on my scroll saw, then make 3 cuts each on the bandsaw, then drill the wheel holes, then sand with my belt sander, then sand with the finish sander, then smooth sand them, then glue on the wings (which I also had to cut out and sand 3 times), then wait for the glue to be totally dry before I drill the man holes in the planes, then dremel around the holes and sand them so the edges won’t be sharp, and then oil them and finally rub off the excess polish. Oh then I have to put on the wheels. 

So when I think of all that, I dread it, a bit. But I cut the planes, and it wasn’t so bad, and then I drilled and that didn’t take any time at all, then I sanded, and that took a while, but it always does, and it took me the whole day to get done all ten of them, but I did. And it wasn’t so bad.

I always procrastinate. But then when I get around to actually doing the job. I wonder why? It’s never as bad as I make it out to be. Even when I’m sick.

Tonight I thought, I’ll leave the dishes for the morning, I’m too tired and sick tonight. But maybe I’ll just wash the plates, since they are easy, then there will be more room in the sink for the pots. But once I had my hands wet, I figured I might as well do them all. And it didn’t take me much more than 5 minutes. In fact I went ahead and wiped down the counters and stove while I was at it.

What are you procrastinating about today? Going to bed? Trust me, it’s not as bad as you are making it out to be. Good night!


4 thoughts on “Even Santa has to take sick days….

  1. I’m procrastinating about a lot of stuff. There’s many things on my project page that won’t take me that long to do but I just don’t have the mojo.

    when the mojo is gone it’s bad 😦

    sorry you got sick this weekend. DH got sick last Wednesday, and I was praying that the rest of us wouldn’t get it, son’s bday was Friday and his Party on Saturday. Luckily we missed the sickness.

    But I need to find my mojo soon as deadlines are creeping up

  2. Tis the season for sickness. Glad you’re feeling better! I always put stuff off, but i find setting a timer really helps (especially with dishes). Ugh. Off to suck it up and do something.

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