Year End Planning

For most of my life, New Year’s Day didn’t really seem like a new year. Of course most of my life I was in school, so September really felt like the beginning of the year. But now, this time of year really is an ending and a beginning.

The months leading up to Christmas are the busiest of the whole year, and as a consequence, my whole year builds up to Christmas. After Christmas, there is a letdown. I go to visit my parents, so I don’t make many toys (just enough to keep up with sales), and I don’t really have to do any housework (just enough to help out). Caleb is busy with his new toys, and his uncles when they are around and his Nana, thus the pressure to always be with him is off too.

So the 12 days of Christmas have become a time of planning for me. I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions; I never have. But I’m working on something of a reminder list for the year. When you are caught up in the hustle and bustle of making and shipping toys, keeping up with the housework, playing, and whatnot, you tend to forget about the extra things that you wanted to do.

I’m writing down ideas for things that I would like to do for myself, things that I want to do with Caleb, things that I want to work on for the business, and for fixing up my house. And of course things to write about for this blog. During the year I can check in with my list and see how I’m doing in the various areas that I wanted to work on.

The areas I want to work on are not necessarily serious areas of work and inner discipline. One of the things on my list is that I want to do more fun things: go to Pittsburgh more often, hike up our mountain and take picnics or hot chocolate and gingersnaps in the winter, make sure to go to the lake at Raccoon Creek State Park more in the summer.

But other areas are things I want to do to “better” myself. Or at least keep from being totally bored with my life.

In the final days of Christmas over the next week, I’ll be sharing some of my ideas for the year. (One of which is to blog more regularly!) You can participate with your ideas or giving me advice for carrying out my ideas.

I’ll be giving away a free Sun House at the end of January to a random follower, so make sure you are subscribed. Also each follower/subscriber will be entered as many times as they comment this month. So first follow the blog, then add interesting comments. Then win free toys!


3 thoughts on “Year End Planning

  1. my number one resolution is to keep this baby baking. After numerous miscarriages I always freak out at the smallest little thing. And being that this is my last chance “ever” (according to hubby) to add on to our family I’m hoping hard that I resolve to stop stressing and take in every little minute I have with this beano.

    my other resolutions are to spend every day as if it were our last day. With everything that has gone on in the world recently and in my own life, I’ve known that life is too short to worry about the small stuff.

  2. I’d like to get back on track with my 1,000 gifts list. Having a heart of thankfulness would make my days so much better…and by extension my kids’ days.

  3. I was quite busy in the evenings sewing mermaid outfits and making dolls clothes and teddy bears, last night I struggled to just relax…well i was trying to relax watching tv, I think if I had picked up my knitting I would have done better!

    I find naturally things just come to you at this time of year, i think deep within us we know it is a time to contemplate and look forward, just as summer and autumn seem like a time of preparation for winter, now we seem to turn our minds to starting new things.

    During the last year (or so) something happened which changed how I looked at things… I feel free of a lot of the thought which make want to plan and arrange and get frustrated when it doesn’t happen in my time scale, I feel more relaxed that life will unfold and is unfolding all the time.

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