Back to Work

Well, it was back to work yesterday. I’m still at my parent’s house, but I have a limited workshop here too. I have my brother’s miter saw, a belt and disc sander from craigslist that shakes and rattles, but works, a dewalt scroll saw that I found used in NJ on craigslist and my friend was gracious enough to pick it up for me (as I was in West Virginia at the time), and a drill press that I bought new last year and really comes in handy. The drill press is terrible though.

It’s a Ryobi. I paid about $120, maybe a little less. And even though it’s new (and I don’t have a nice fancy one at home-just a black and decker that must be 20-30 years old), the it’s much less powerful than the one I bought for $30 on craigslist 4 years ago. Speaking of new tools, I don’t think I mentioned that my dewalt scroll saw that I bought new last year broke down AGAIN, the week before Christmas. I was cutting, and it just quit mid-cut and wouldn’t turn on again. Soo, I haven’t had much luck buying new tools. It’s rather discouraging.

Anyway, my workshop here is out in the barn, which is a good 100 yards away from the house, so I can’t really work and keep an eye or ear on what’s going on in the house. I have to try to work when other people are around when I can, but it makes it inconvenient.

When I lived here, I used to work mainly at night, but I’m spoiled by being able to work during the day and sleep at night now that my son is older. It took most of the day going in and out, stopping and starting, but the work was finally completed and mailed. 

Tomorrow I’ll need to spend some time working, and then we are going to hit up one of my favorite thrift stores. One work related item on the list is sheets or fabric curtains or anything else with a nice hem, that I can use for making drawstring bags. I love to re-use fabric when I can-much cheaper than buying new fabric. 

This year I plan on taking a day and sewing enough drawstring bags to last me the whole year. I’m always packing up story sets and realizing at the last moment that I forgot to sew a bag for them, and then I miss being able to ship them that day. This year will be different!



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