Be Interested

As one reader pointed out, the corollary to being interesting, is being interested. Being interested in our kids first and foremost. Really listening to what they have to say, especially when we don’t agree with them. 

I’m sure we can all remember times that we felt slighted by our parents, because they dismissed our ideas as naive or stupid or not religiously correct (if your parents were religious). If we want our kids to be honest and open with us, then we have to be interested in what they think.

We also should try to be interested in what they like to do. Of course, just like our kids may not always like everything that we like, we may not like everything our kids like, but I think it’s nice to give it a try. 

Caleb fell in love with chess over the past couple of months, and we’ve been playing around 10 games a day when we are at home. I never really played chess much as a kid or a young adult, so although I knew the rules, I had to learn the strategy. And it’s been really fun playing. I’m glad he got me interested in it. 


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