A Clean Office!

I have been moving around boxes and cabinets and work stuff in my office for months. I’ve been tripping on things, losing things, and generally just going crazy with the chaos. So finally now that things have quieted down, and I have some time and energy to devote to the project, I decided to do some organizing.

Thanks to my new favorite blog: iheartorganizing- I remembered to take some before photos.

office before picture 100_6873

As you can see, it was extremely bad. The biggest problem was obviously that there was too much stuff in there. Every time I had something that I didn’t want in the living room or the kitchen, it got stuck in the office.

Plus there’s a lot going on in this room. This is where I handle all my shipping, my sewing, I keep all my wood people in here, plus my inventory, and all the thinner wood that will warp if it’s in the basement. Plus my regular office stuff like files and paper stuff. Plus tons of fabric and wool.

You see 2 kitchen cabinets in there that I thought would be useful after I redid my kitchen. Not to mention a variety of cardboard boxes for shipping. Plus a filing cabinet that doesn’t get much use besides collecting junk on top of it.

So my first job was moving things OUT. I put the cabinets in the basement for possible toy parts storage. The metal filing cabinet is on the porch at the moment. I’m trying to decide if it would be useful for storing bats, balls, and gloves and gardening equipment in. The top lifts open, so it might work.

If not, it will go to the curb. The boxes that I could use for shipping went upstairs into the box closet. The wood was organized by type and thickness on the bookshelf. The bubble mailers I use every day for shipping, so they were stacked book-style on the shelf as well-that fix alone was worth the time (I actually made that fix before I took the before pictures).

Most things were simple, no-brainer fixes, but things that I just didn’t make time for when I was busy.

It took me about 2 hours while my babysitter/assistant was there. And now I can see the floor!



It’s not going to win any awards, and the floor and walls need to be redone, not to mention the ceiling, but that was how I spent my day Tuesday.


One thought on “A Clean Office!

  1. Looks great, Cheryl! Love the before and after pics. I’ll have to check out that blog you mentioned. My office is in our walk-in closet and I desperately need to work on papers that are overflowing. Problem is when to do it w/ 3 kids running around…I think the key is little by little. I need to set a timer for say 15 minutes and get *something* done every day. Thanks for the motivation.

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