Pep Talk: Prepare Now

This time of year, I really need to give myself weekly pep talks. Now that my orders have slowed down, I get to feeling that I can take it easy. Spend more time with my son, read more books, watch videos, cook elaborate meals (last night we had pupusas with beans and guacamole and sauteed veggies and a chocolate honey cake for dessert)…

And I can do more of those things, but my trouble is that I do it too much. I take the going easy too far. And so I have to give myself a bit of advice-in a kind and loving manner of course. You should never speak to yourself more harshly than you would to a friend or child.

Do you think that you are doing Caleb a favor by not working? Because, let me tell you, you aren’t. One of your goals this year was to get organized in your business, and that means having every item you sell in stock and ready to ship.

How does that benefit Caleb? Well, for one thing it means, no all day work marathons trying to catch up when you get a big order or a rush of orders. But more importantly, it means no RUSHING. 

If there is one thing kids hate, it’s being rushed. Grown-ups are always so nasty when they are in a hurry, and you are no exception. If there is one time you yell, it’s when you are frantic to get out of the door, because you have let the day slip away from you.

So you see, when you are relaxing all day this time of year, you are robbing yourself and your son of friendly, relaxing afternoons during your busy season. Play, yes, go to the pool, yes, play in the gym, yes, but don’t neglect your work.

When you are reluctant to go down into the cold, dusty basement, visualize rows of buses ready to ship, drawers filled with story sets-already in their drawstring bags (!), and bags full of boats and bathtub animals. 

Imagine walking into your (clean, well organized office) every morning and calmly printing out your postage labels. Filling up a mail crate with packages for the mailman to pick up, rather than you frantically yelling at your STUPID printer to print the @#$%#! labels already!!!! And then yelling at Caleb to just grab the shoes and get into the car, so we don’t miss the mailman!

Reflect upon the difference between the 2 scenarios. The difference is that in the first one, you did the hard work now. So if you printer refuses to spit out the labels, you have plenty of time to stop at the library and print them there. 

If you put in the time now, you’ll save time later. Especially for things like cars and buses, where you really reap the dividends for making them in batches. It’s boring as anything to make 30 family cars, but it’s much worse than boring realizing (at 4:15pm) you have to get this one car to add to the order that HAS to go out today. 

So make a date with yourself every day. Use the time that your babysitter comes once a week as a guideline. Between the hours of 10am-1pm every day, you should be working on work-related projects whether upstairs while you are playing with your son or downstairs in the basement.

And don’t forget your morning date. You can get a lot of work done in the morning before Caleb wakes up if you don’t get sidetracked by the computer. 

And remember that a good day starts with a good nights sleep. Never stay up past your son, or you will stay up too late every time. You say just a half an hour, and the next thing you know, it’s midnight or even 1am, and the next day, you start of groggy eyed and grumpy and late. So go to bed.


Even though you may not have a home business, we all have work we need to get done. Have you been slacking on laundry duty? Baking and freezer meals? Or how about grocery shopping? Is your fridge stocked or are you forever running to the store for one little thing for dinner?

Be prepared.


3 thoughts on “Pep Talk: Prepare Now

  1. Very good advice. I felt the evenings were my only time I had to myself and with my second baby I stayed up and was exhausted (I only stayed up till 10pm, but that makes a difference when you are up all through the night and early next morning.) With River, and living in one room and Joel being a postman and waking early, we all go to bed early, and I have coped so much better, I just feel human (as a-posed to crazy tired mean shouty mummy).

  2. Love this! I too am guilty of the staying up late (and I say the same thing-I’m just going to check this one thing…and 2 hours later I’m still on the computer!) and during the day I’m guilty of thinking I have all this time and then rushing frantically to get my kids out the door for my daughter’s dance lesson. Thanks for the pep talk!

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