My favorite parenting/homemaking blogs

I thought I’d just do a quick post today to share some of my favorite blogs. I love blogs. Maybe it’s the journalist in me (though some of them can drive that journalist crazy with typos!), but I just love a good article. So it’s not surprising that my favorite blog is an informative, article-style blog:

The Parenting Passageway

This blog is stuffed full of insightful posts about parenting and homeschooling and child development. Yes, it’s a Waldorf-homeschooling blog, but it’s good no matter what your kids are doing for school.

She’s religious, but not preachy. She’s a gentle parenting advocate, and she insists upon the importance of boundaries (advice that you can take whether you are a more democratic family or have a more traditional top-down family structure).

Her posts are good, solid parenting advice, that you can use whether you agree with her on all points or not. Her blog is like a good friend, that you can disagree with, but still like and appreciate.

I mentioned my latest favorite yesterday:

I Heart Organizing

This blog is not just fresh-looking, but she has so many great ideas. I happen to think she’s a little too crazy about redecorating, but to each her own. I get good ideas from her after pictures AND her before pictures.

Another blog I found recently is:

Raising Miro

Raising Miro is written by a forty-something single mother who is traveling the world with her 13 year old son. She has interesting posts, but I probably like it most just because she’s doing what I have dreamed about doing. I found out that a permanent traveling lifestyle wasn’t my thing, but I still have the wander-lust. She has some good posts about unschooling, traveling, and just living life in general.

Well, I’ve gotta get to work, so that’s all the blogs I have for you today. I’m hoping that you’ll all respond with your favorites, and give me more stuff to read!




One thought on “My favorite parenting/homemaking blogs

  1. A Path Made Straight ( is one of my favorites. Check out the sidebar for her Children’s Book Monday link. She has reviewed her top library picks every week and I’ve gotten some great ideas for read-alouds there. Also her millet muffins and Amish oatmeal bake recipes are awesome!

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