Doing What You Love

I’ve mentioned before that I majored in journalism in college, but to be perfectly honest, I majored in basketball. Generally I took about 15 hours of classes a week, but I spent at least that much time at the gym. I didn’t play for the university’s team, so this major was definitely off the record.

I would go to the gym between my morning classes to shoot around for an hour or so, and then in the afternoon, I’d come back and play pick-up games for a few hours since there were usually guys around to play then. I was never the best player (I am a girl, after all), but I was rarely the worst.

I’ve never been a runner, or very disciplined about working out, but I’ve always LOVED playing basketball. To me, running, working out, they’re BORING. This past year I’ve been trying to enjoy running, because I really need the exercise, but I’ve only been somewhat successful.

Since I got pregnant right after leaving college, I’ve barely played basketball since then. And as a consequence, I’m almost twenty pounds heavier than I was in college. Or maybe that’s the consequence of not doing much substitute exercise.

Yesterday, I went to the gym while my babysitter was here, meaning to just shoot around for a little while without Caleb stealing the ball and running away with it after every shot. I also went, because it was about 10 degrees out and the basement was painfully cold. Even upstairs it was cold. My furnace can’t keep up with the cold. Let me tell you-I’ll never move to Minnesota or something.

When I got to the gym, there were a bunch of guys there, and I got to play full court basketball!

I only had time for 2 games, but when I came home, I felt like I was glowing. The world looked brighter. I felt GOOD. Some of that is definitely from a good workout-I was sucking wind badly by the end. But most of it was just because I had FUN. I did something that’s really fun for ME.

I don’t know about you, maybe it’s different if you have a regular sitter or another parent for your kids, but I haven’t had that much fun in ages. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my life, we have fun for sure, but I missed this.

Have you given up something you love since having kids? Something that really lights you up? Something FUN?

Here’s your mission, try to find some time to do it this week or this month or this year even!

Then come back and post what you did and how it made you feel. Was it as much fun as you remembered? Can you do it more often?



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