Why eat your fruits and vegetables?

Do you or your kids get sick regularly? How many colds have you had this year? How much energy do you have? Do your children get ear infections? eczema? headaches? stomachaches? The truth is almost every one is not consuming enough nutrients in their diet to protect themselves against illness.

Fruits and vegetables have the highest amount of nutrients per calorie of any kind of food. Fruits have the most vitamins, and vegetables have the most minerals. Study after study shows that eating a high amount of fruits and vegetables decreases cancer and heart disease incidences and increases overall health.

Whole wheat bread and raw milk cheeses and those “healthy” crackers have not been proved to enhance your health to the same degree as fruits and vegetables. Nothing gives you the same bang for your buck as fresh fruits and vegetables. We know this, everyone knows this. Every sane diet out there stresses eating fruits and vegetables to lose weight and gain health.

But we become complacent. We think, well it IS whole wheat bread and homemade at that! And well, at least it’s grass fed beef. I’m not out to convince anyone to become vegetarian, but regardless of whether or not you eat meat and dairy, you cannot forgo plant food. And I’m not talking about that Earth Balance butter made from 78% plant based oils(!).

The odds are, if you are living somewhere that you can read this blog, you aren’t eating enough fruits and vegetables. My son certainly wasn’t. I still don’t think he is, but it’s a start.

The USDA food pyramid is a woefully inadequate, but even then, most people don’t eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Most people don’t even eat one.

Since it’s hard to gain weight as a child, many people think it doesn’t matter what they eat. They usually have lots of energy even despite a poor diet. But this attitude is catching up with us. Kids are getting fatter and sicker just like their parents.

What your children eat now will affect them for the rest of their life. Refined sugar, white flour, soda, that dried cheese powder you mix into macaroni noodles–None of that stuff belongs in our homes.

First get rid of the junk. Then encourage fruit and vegetable consumption. And not just a piece of fruit here and there throughout the week. The most benefits are gained by eating a large portion of your calories from fruits and vegetables. Seeing my son’s chronic runny nose dry up in just a few days of eating 4 cups of fruits and vegetables a day, makes me realize how important it is to get the right nutrients. And it makes me feel bad for not doing this sooner. All those days that he was sniffing back his snot, when he could have been breathing easily.



3 thoughts on “Why eat your fruits and vegetables?

  1. My kids seem to catch anything and everything-I blame it on my husband’s poor immune system since I hardly ever get sick. But it will be interesting to see if they’re sick less as their fruit and veggie intake increases. And we eat way too much bread and muffins over here too-mostly all whole wheat, like you, but we need to sub out some of the bread for some veggies!

    • People with poor immune systems need to eat the most raw fruits and vegetables. You should read the book, Disease Proof Your Child, by Joel Fuhrman, or check out his blog: diseaseproof.com. He has great, inspiring success stories on there.

  2. I watched “Fat, Sick, and nearly dead” and it inspired me to get into juicing. I try to juice once a day, every thing from apples, beetroot and kale, to lettuce, watercress and carrots, I sometimes find in the morning it’s juice I feel like not toast or cereal now. I’ve even made juicer pulp scones (biscuits if you’re in the US).

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