My spinach washing instructions

I love green smoothies. I first learned about them while I was pregnant. There was a recipe in the Vegetarian Mother’s Cookbook by Cathe Olson. I think the recipe had coconut milk and some other strange ingredients, but it introduced me to the concept that you can add greens to a shake (which is what we called smoothies in our family) and you can’t taste them.

Over the years I’ve gone on and off raw diets, but green shakes have become a staple for me. Spinach is my green of choice. Store bought kale is very tough, and often adds too much bitterness to the shake-though sometimes it can be okay.

You can buy spinach in bags or boxes already washed, but you pay a premium for the convenience. Buying bundles of spinach can save you up to $5 a pound.



When you buy your spinach, cut off the bottom tips, and pop it into a bath of cold water. When I worked at an organic farm in our van-living days, all our greens got this treatment. You filled up a rubbermaid with your bundles of kale, etc. and carried them to the end of the row to put them in the shade. Someone would come along with a vehicle and pick up the containers to take them to the wash tubs. These were huge galvanized steel containers that we filled with cold water.

The cold water perks the greens right up, even if they were limp from the heat. They were then packaged into boxes to take to the cooler and then to the stores or market.

After you wash the greens, then you have to dry them some.



I shake out the water best I can and then put the spinach in a container with a couple of washcloths to keep the moisture from making the spinach slimy.


I saved a spinach box from one time when there wasn’t any bundles of organic spinach. It’s very handy.

I thought I would add a accountability part to my blog. Mainly to keep myself honest rather than any benefit you will get out of reading it. Today I’ll just post what I’ve done today. Tomorrow and in the future, I’ll post everything since my last blog post.

Work done: Cut, dremeled, and sanded 6 whales, 8 fish, 5 turtles, 2 octopi, 2 sharks, and 1 mermaid. Planning to apply finish and woodburn this afternoon.

Food eaten by me: Breakfast-green shake, Lunch-salad with strawberries, grapes, and raisins plus a strawberry blueberry shake.

Food eaten by Caleb: Breakfast-4 small frozen homemade waffles with a banana, Lunch-2 freshly made banana pancakes with salad like I had plus extra strawberries

Workout: none yet, planning to run this afternoon at the gym

Amount of time spent watching videos by me: none

Feel free to use the comment section to hold yourself accountable. My goals are to exercise almost every day and eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables with very little or no refined oils, flours, and sugars. I may also add a section for shopping done seeing as how I want to save to spend a month or more sunning myself next winter.



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