What are your keys to being a better parent?

I only have a few minutes to post before bed, but I’ve been thinking about the things that I do or don’t do that affect my parenting. And I thought I would share some of them with you.

1. Get enough sleep. For me, I HAVE to go to bed at the same time as my son. If I so much as get out of bed to go to the bathroom when he’s asleep, I’m so much more likely to go do something and ruin my night’s sleep. Reading also has to be abandoned before he conks out, because I am like a dog with a bone with books, I have a very hard time stopping.

2. Don’t watch videos. I say videos, because we don’t have a TV, so the only way I watch something is on my computer. Which means I watch more things that I am actually interested in, but it also means, I can watch an entire TV series at a time, which is a very bad idea. If I don’t watch TV, then I have more time for taking care of the house and cooking and patience, because I’m not anxious to get away from my son to start watching the next episode of _____ or the new Batman movie, etc.

3. Reading parenting books, but don’t take them too seriously. Pick and choose what you like from different books and approaches. You hear some parents out there talking to their kids like robots, repeating phrases from parenting books and sounding fake. I think kids pick up on that fakeness. We need to be genuine with our kids. Be yourself. Be nice! But be yourself. You don’t have to talk like a shrink. Take ideas from books, but transform them into something meaningful to you, don’t just copy.

4. Routines are big, but always remember they aren’t bigger than the people involved in them. If something is degenerating into a war, let it go. Chances are it’s not worth it.

Well, I could come up with more, but I’ve gotta get my sleep! What are your keys to being a better parent?


Food I ate: Last night, spinach curry for dinner and homemade pita. Breakfast was a green smoothie, Lunch was a salad with black beans on top and some guacamole and about 8 baked tostitos chips, I had fresh squeezed OJ after working out with a couple of dates, when I got home I had some strawberries and a few more dates. Dinner was homemade veg. chili with some guac. and like 8 more chips. Then we had banana whip (frozen bananas pureed in the food processor) for dessert.

Exercise: 35 minutes running with about five of them walking.

Work done: NONE! It wasn’t a very good day in that respect.

TV watched: video with Caleb and one episode of Alias.

Tomorrow-more work, less videos.



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