Change your Focus

If you are trying to improve your diet, you can focus on avoiding harmful foods. You can try NOT to eat certain foods: sugar, oil, meat, processed snack foods, bread, whatever. OR you can focus on basing your diet on the most healthful foods you know.

Fruits and vegetables are the basis of my diet. They consistently show the most helpful effects on human health in scientific studies. So I try to get most of my calories from unrefined whole fruits and vegetables. You may feel that meat, eggs, and dairy are also very healthful foods, so you would use those also as a major source of calories.

The idea is to fill yourself up with good stuff, so that you just aren’t hungry for the junk. Yesterday I only ate a salad with fruit on it for lunch, I was planning to have some leftover soup too, but I ran out of time before we had to go to chess club, so I grabbed 2 bananas, and figured I’d be fine.

I was HUNGRY by the time I got home. The kind of hunger that made me want to go back out to the store and buy a bag of Tostitos, sour cream, and salsa and just go to town. Or raid the freezer for muffins and eat 6 of them slathered with butter. I probably would have done either of those things, but I didn’t have either of them in the house. Before I dug into the loaf of raisin bread (and put lots of butter on top), I decided I’d eat some raw walnuts and raisins. And if I still wanted the bread, then I could have it.

Surprising, the nuts and raisins tasted good, and I dulled my hunger with some of them while I was making dinner.

If I focus on not have something, it makes me think about it more and feel deprived. But if I’m focusing on eating a big salad with some beans or some soup, then I am not thinking about that bag of Baked Tostitos on the top of the fridge. If like tonight, I make banana whip (frozen bananas processed smooth in the food processor) for dessert, I’m not wishing I had some ginger snaps.

I think letting yourself get too hungry when you are working on changing your diet is a really bad idea. When you get hungry, you just want to go for your favorite dense source of calories and eat it until that crazed hunger feeling goes away. Which is one reason why dieting (cutting calories) is such a lousy way to lose weight.

Okay, I have to go read to my son, and go to bed. Going to bed early is another good way to cut out junk food. How many times do we end up in front of the TV or computer with chips or cookies?

Daily Rundown:

Breakfast-green smoothie with pineapple and mango

snack-a piece of raisin bread

Lunch-romaine lettuce with black beans, guacamole and jalapenos

Dinner-homemade corn tortillas stuffed with homemade chili, millet, salsa, and guacamole. Dessert-banana whip with vanilla date sauce (dates soaked and blended with water and vanilla extract

Work done-made 4 dollhouse beds, 3 bathtubs, sanded 2 toilets and bathroom sinks. Cut and sanded a little red hen set and a 3 bears set. Cut 3 bridges until my bandsaw blade broke, which of course, I’ve been procrastinating about ordering more, and now I have to wait to finish the bridges.

Workout-ran for 28 minutes, did a little swimming in the pool

tv-none for the second day in a row!


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