Goodwill Finds of the Day and a Run in the Park

I’ve been wanting to get Caleb a bike since October. He has the little tiny one that he learned on, but after riding a bigger bike at my parent’s house, he refused to ride the little one anymore. I thought I’d find one used by Christmas, but no. For sure, I’ll be able to give him one for his birthday in February, but still no.

Today I was planning to go to one Goodwill, and I was actually near the other one since I had to go to the post office, so we went to that one instead. And lo and behold, there was a bike just his sized hiding between 2 tables. I almost missed it. Only 5 bucks too. It pays to be patient.

Caleb also had some money to spend that the mailman gave him, and money that he earned putting the beeswax finish on my toys. And he found a lego Batman and Catwoman set, so he was pretty psyched. It’s funny how super heros ignite the imagination of little boys, even when they haven’t read the comic books or watched the TV shows or movies.

After Goodwill, we had to return home to play with legos of course, but after that we went to the park. It was 50 degrees and sunny for a change, so I got my first park run in of the new year. It was still a little chilly, but not bad. Caleb ran to meet up with me a couple times and the rest of the time played on the playground.

My running/walking group starts in a month, and I think there might actually be other people there besides me and Caleb. I’m excited.

Right now with work I’m finishing up with a wholesale order and getting ready for another one. In April, I’ll be at the Western PA La Leche League conference selling my toys.

Daily Rundown-

Breakfast-pancakes and strawberries

Lunch-Green Smoothie

Snack-1.5 bananas

Dinner-Broccoli and homemade pasta (that had been dried last time I made pasta) and homemade bread (from the freezer). I’ll probably have some sort of fruit for a snack, because I feel like I need something more.

Work-cut and drilled 10 or so family cars, finished sanding 10 sets of keys and 6 sets of chunky keys and then finished them with the beeswax polish

Workout-ran for 30 minutes outside and and played a vigorous game of magic football with Caleb (magic football is where there is no ball, you just pretend) and tag for 15-20 minutes (I’m totally counting it.)

TV- nada


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