Spring Check-In

The only way New Year’s Resolutions will be successful is if you keep yourself on track throughout the year. There isn’t anything magical about New Year’s Day or picking any day in particular to begin doing or not doing something. The only resolution that matters is the one you keep up with.

Every month, I try to make a time to check up on myself, and make sure that I am where I want to be. I decided I would do a more thorough (and public) check-in at the beginning of every season. This also helps with maintaining seasonal goals. Like making sure to plan time every week to go to the lake during the summer, or to maintain the lawn and garden during the spring, summer, and fall.

I have 5 main areas that I focus on.

Work-How am I doing building my inventory?

Grade: Fair

I have built up a decent amount of the most popular things. I even have 2 Little Kitchens in stock. I’ve done the best building up a stock of keys and chunky keys, which are the 2 things that I make sure to do almost every week. I’ve also made my quota from last year of the family cars, carpet vroomers, minis, and sports cars.

Things to improve: I need to stick to my work schedule better, and make sure I get the minimum done each week. I also want to try working on the bigger items (kitchens, towns, dollhouses) for 15 minutes every day, so they are less intimidating of a project.

Home Organization-How well am I maintaining order in the house?

Grade-Fair (most of the time)

I’m doing better keeping on top of the dishes, laundry, and the living room. I’ve been slipping a little bit and watching TV in the evenings instead of setting the house to rights every night. I have a better organization of work supplies, but my desk still tends to be covered in toys and paper.

Things to improve-clear off the desk every day after printing labels and packaging. Get back to vacuuming and sweeping daily in the foyer, kitchen, and living room. Also need to do more actual cleaning of the low traffic areas. Plus: The basement needs a major overhaul.

Physical Activity-Am I doing vigorous physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day?


I’m running almost every single day, and on the days when I don’t run, I’ve been trying to walk for a while.

Things to Improve-I want to add weight lifting to my routine and make sure I’m doing abdominal exercises. Abs are one area I really let go. I need to build up the muscles on my stomach and strengthen my back and shoulders.

Learning New Things-Yearly Focus: Spanish-How am I doing learning Spanish?

Grade-Fair to Poor

I’ve really gotten out of the habit of doing Spanish every day or even every other day. Heck, I think I let 2 weeks go by without ever logging in to Rosetta Stone. However I have learned and remembered a lot in what I have done so far which has been quite a bit.

Things to Improve-CONSISTENCY. Doing some Spanish every day keeps me thinking about the language and helps me retain more.

Home Improvement-What have I done to fix up my 100 year old house?


I haven’t done diddly-squat. I need to break up projects into tiny little sections so I can do little bits when I have the time. I’m a woodworker, but I find home improvement intimidating, annoying, and can think of about 500 things that are more pressing than painting and measuring and trying to get trim up on the doors straight with no gaps. So I guess I need to work on my attitude towards home improvement. My current attitude is very defeatist.

Things to Improve-Put up trim on the doorways and windows in the kitchen and living room. Paint the foyer. Fix the crumbling plaster in the upstairs hallway. Well, I could go on, but that’s a start.

Spring Focus-Yard Work

Make a plan for yard and garden work. I think I’ll do a post on this one tomorrow.

OVERALL-I am pleased with the progress that I have made this winter. I have laid down routines that can now be enhanced to better meet my needs. There definitely needs to be decline in the amount of television watched and an increase in the work done before Caleb awakens. But on the whole, I think I’ve made a good start.

The really test will be my Summer Check-in in June. The spring and fall are my most productive times of the year. The basement is a comfortable temperature. I can send and walk outside. We can go to the park and later in the spring to the creek regularly and I sand there too. I can use my palm sander and dremel outside, which is much more pleasant than being shut away in the cellar.

I’m hoping to have every item in stock by the time Summer arrives. That way I can start working on wholesale stock. I would also like to do some craft shows this summer.

Daily Rundown-

(for the past couple of days I have eaten healthy food, but also chips and salsa, chocolate chip cookies and lasagna (not vegan, vegetarian spinach lasagna). Last night, if I had gone to bed on time I probably could have saved myself 600+ calories of junk food, and a headache in the morning.)

Breakfast-Green Smoothie

Lunch-4 pieces of store bought wheat bread with garlic herb butter

Dinner-Mashed Potatoes and About 4 cups of steamed Kale with a biscuit (homemade of course)

Workout-um, none, I would have done some walking, but it was snowing all day and very wet and slushy

Work done-sanding and applying finishes and wood burning




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