Pros and Cons of Craft Shows

Before my Etsy shop got going, I did craft shows. There was really only one season of craft showing. After that, Christmas orders started coming in, and then after Christmas was when I moved into my van and went to Florida. I had fully intended to do shows there, but it never worked out. My stock was so limited then, it wouldn’t have really been worth it anyway.

I did one craft show the summer after I got back from Florida, and it was a super hot day. I barely made my spot back. Since then I’ve only done one show, the Western Pennsylvania La Leche League Conference. And I’ll be there again this year, since I sold a lot of toys there.

But I was thinking about getting back into doing shows regularly again. My thoughts on the matter go like this:

Maybe I should start doing shows again. You can make a lot of money in one day at a good show. Plus it would be a nice change of pace. I could meet new people, get ideas, get out of the house…Yeah, right, a nice change of pace, because sitting out in the hot sun with a little kid getting more and more bored and crabby and impatient is NICE. Because rushing out the door early in the morning and setting up all my stuff BY MYSELF is NICE. …but Caleb is getting older now, all I have to do is bring some legos, and he’ll be set for the day (although that may not be a good product endorsement). Maybe he could even help me set up. HA! And you can spend all day at a place and barely make the 100 bucks that you had to put up to get a spot in an all handmade show (the only ones worth showing up at). 

There was a reason, several of them, why I decided to stop doing shows, but there were a few shows that I really cleaned up at. It’s hard to resist the pull of making that much money in one day in the middle of the summer or early fall.

Plus shows are fun, despite dealing with a bored kid. It’s nice to meet new people, and get instant feedback from people. And to see the surprised looks on people’s faces that I make these all MYSELF (as a woman). Plus it’s sort of fun to set up a booth and be a salesman/woman.

So if you live in Pittsburgh, you may see me sometime at a show trying to make sales and entertain a cranky child. We’ll see. 🙂

Daily Rundown:

Breakfast-Green Smoothie

Lunch-Vegetable Soup and a piece of baguette from Panera, and some strawberries and dates at home

Dinner-salad with fruit and green smoothie

Snack-biscuit with jelly

Workout-ran outside for more than 30 minutes

Work Done-Cut and dremeled 20 airplane teethers, sanded and finished 10 of them




One thought on “Pros and Cons of Craft Shows

  1. Yes I’ve done craft shows and I know what it can be like, what works better is an open house, I used to do Jewellery parties (i trained as a silversmith) bit like a tupperware party, I hated selling like that, it really puts you on show, but people liked them and I made a good amount of money.
    However last summer a couple of friends and I decided we’d do an open house before christmas, I made soft toys, another friend illustrates cards, pictures, t-shirts, and made hair clips etc, and another children’s clothes and bags. and another pencil rolls, flags and bags, The stuff all sat well next to each other and we did it on a friday night and saturday morning, we shared contacts and invited lots of people, there was mulled wine and mince pies (our only outlay/no stall rent) and we all did rather well and it was fun, and we got to talk to people, and friends who had no idea what we did got to see our stuff. I’d recommend it if you could find a few friends or friends of friends who are up for it. let me know if you think you’ll give it a try.

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