Coming Home

I visit my friends and relatives in NJ 4 or 5 times a year, so I’ve gotten a pretty good routine for leaving and coming home. This visit was the best yet from a work perspective. I wanted to cut, sand, and finish 30 airplane teethers, since I can get 1/2″ inch maple wood at the Lowes there (most Lowes only sell oak and poplar it seems like). I also wanted to keep up with all my orders.

Well, I did all the airplane shaped teethers, and today I only have one outstanding order which was ordered yesterday. Everything else is shipped. I also now have a good stock of my most popular items at my parents’ house for the next time I visit which will be in the summer some time.

I made sure all my clothes were washed and folded before I left, so today I was able to pop them right into my drawers. I also washed almost everything that I keep there, so it will be clean and fresh waiting for me, and my mom won’t have to deal with it.

I’ve spent most of the day today cleaning and organizing. Even though I try to make sure the house is straightened before I leave, something always seems to come up (last minute orders, car repairs, etc.), and the house is usually a little scattered when I get home. The last week before I leave is always somewhat chaotic

While it would be nice to come back to the house perfectly clean, I actually enjoy spending the first day back organizing. It’s a nice way to become reacquainted with your home when you’ve been away.

We brought back all of my legos that were still at my parents’ house, and before we left I organized them into bags according to types. Today I bought something to store them in and I’ve spent some more time organizing the legos that we already had here. I’ll do a post on the new lego organization tomorrow.

For dinner I’m having a curry with broccoli and cauliflower and chickpeas that I pulled out of the freezer this morning, so I didn’t have to worry about cooking something. Tomorrow we will also have something out of the freezer, chili, and I’ll just have to make some corn tortillas and fixings to go with it.

Daily Rundown:

Breakfast-granola (homemade, of course) with soy milk-I hadn’t gone to the grocery store, so I had no produce in the house.

Snack-walnuts and raisins

Lunch-cranberry cornbread muffin

Snack-an apple (after I went grocery shopping while Caleb was at chess club)

Dinner-cruciferous curry with 2 cranberry muffins

Workout-none, again

Work done-none, but lots of housekeeping

tv-none-Caleb reneged on our no TV month, but I’m still in. Speaking of contests, I stayed strong on our long bus ride and didn’t buy any candy or ice cream.


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