How to Be Spat Upon

Caleb spit on me tonight. Not for any particular reason, perhaps a myriad of them. He was in one of those ornery-let me sit on your chair as you are about to sit down on it and refuse to get up- sort of moods. It was getting close to bed time, and he was (slooowly) cleaning up his legos.

We were watching the Michigan game online (well, mostly me), and he jumped up on the couch next to me and spit in my face. I did the predictable thing and hit the roof. I stormed off to bed rescinding stories and snacks over my shoulder. And of course things only got worse from there.

He got more annoying and obnoxious. I got more angry and threatening. Please, you know how this goes if you have kids. Some days things take an unexpected turn for the worse and before you know what happened the night has degenerated into a brawl.

As I stormed out of the bedroom and shut him in it, I thought to myself, what if I hadn’t flipped out when he spit me? By flipping out, I negated any sort of message I might want to pass on about the morality of spitting on people. I may have been growling that you NEVER EVER spit on people! But all he was getting was, “Mama is so mean and SCARY!”

I remember making my dad angry, and all I ever got from it was, “stay clear of Dad when he’s…” (or Mom)

But what if I hadn’t gotten angry? Where was my zen calm? I’m the adult dammit. What if I had acted like it?

I could have taken a deep breath. Reflected on the significance of this insult in the grand scheme of life. Turned the other cheek (metaphorically). And then provided calm instruction about why you must never spit on people, because it just might get you shot someday-well, maybe that’s not age appropriate. And then settle him down by getting up to bed promptly.

But alas, I couldn’t go back in time. So I tried to calm myself down now. I went back to my son and proposed a redo. We’ll start over. Take some time and calm down, and we’ll pick up where we left off.

So we did. The night finished on a smooth note, and I possibly learned a lesson about anger management. I hope, because blowing your top is not at all effective.

Daily Rundown

Breakfast-Green Smoothie and 2 apple waffles (homemade, whole wheat) with maple syrup and butter on one of them

Snack-walnuts and raisins

Lunch-halved cherry tomatoes and black beans

Snacks-an apple, 4 dates, 5 strawberries and 3 dates

Dinner-broccoli and spaghetti, 5 whole wheat dinner rolls (store bought which was why I needed 5 of them to fill me up) with butter (I mean, that’s the only reason to eat a dinner roll right? it’s just a delivery system for butter (or Earth Balance in my case) Which is why I don’t buy them. Tonight I stopped in for soy milk and wanted something junky and some bread to eat with my dinner, hence the dinner rolls) I really want some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies too.

TV-Final Four games-and Michigan won, so I’ll be watching the final on Monday! Although from all the free throws they were missing you’d have thought they were trying to lose there at the end.

Workout-sprints at the park, jogging on the treadmill, some workout in the pool

Work done-dollhouse and lots of furniture cut and glued




One thought on “How to Be Spat Upon

  1. I really, really appreciated (and needed) this. I had one angry episode today and one calm episode and the difference in my son’s response was phenomenal. If only I can take that and apply it to maintaining a zen-like calm, I know that our relationship will be so much more peaceful and productive.

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