Lego Organization

Have I mentioned that Caleb loves legos? He plays with them pretty much every day, for hours. Seeing as how he is an only child, I also do a fair amount of playing with legos. Caleb has gotten some legos for Christmas this year and for his birthday, but the majority of legos that we have were mine.

I had loads of legos. I probably played with them until I was 12 at least, maybe even into high school. I got them for Christmas and birthdays and bought them with my own money. Hence, bucket loads of legos.

I brought them here from my parents’ house bit by bit as Caleb got older and better able to clean up on his own. This past visit, I brought everything that was left there here. It was 4 or 5 gallon ziplock bags full.

Before we left, I sorted the legos into groups, because I was on the hunt for an organizational system to make it easier to 1. clean up and 2. find specific pieces.

Caleb likes to try to build lego sets that he doesn’t have or ones that he does have, but we don’t have the instruction booklets for. There are a few sites that you can access old and new lego instructions. My favorite is, and the second one I go to is, but I don’t like that one as much.  So there is a lot of searching for the right pieces.

Before we kept all the loose legos in a big picnic basket. So every day it would be dumped out on the ground and pawed through. And every day Caleb would have to pick them all up and sometimes I helped. The ideal solution, I thought would be some sort of drawer system that had very shallow drawers that you could easily pull out to search through.

So I went to Jo Ann Fabrics and looked at what they had there, and it was all outrageously expensive even with my 50% off coupon. After chess club, Caleb and I went to Walmart, and I looked there. And I found the perfect solution.


It has lots of shallow drawers. They easy to slide in and out. And I think it looks better than those Sterlite plastic drawer sets, which was what I was originally thinking of. This was also cheaper than an equal number of Sterlite shallow drawer sets. It was $35. The frame is metal, the drawers are plastic, and it seems durable enough.

Better yet, it works! We’ve had the system in place only a few days, but so far, it’s working great. While Caleb plays he pulls out the drawers for the things he needs, and the things stay in the drawers, while he searches, so clean up is much easier. And finding things is much easier too!


I organized it all, and it was a lot of work up front, but the payoffs are huge. I organized them by type. Some people go by color, but that didn’t make sense to me or Caleb. So all the plates are in one drawer, the 2 by x bricks in one drawer, the 1 by X (X=2,3,4, etc.) bricks, the 1 by X skinny pieces, the car, boat, plane parts, and so on.

I have one drawer for miscellaneous pieces. This is for all the pieces that don’t get sorted during clean up. When I’m playing with him, I will sort this out as I feel like it. I’m invested in this organization system, because I’m always helping him find the pieces he needs to build his creation. This way I can help him more easily, and he needs help less, because all he has to do is look through the one drawer to find the specific pieces he needs.


The cars, planes, helicopters, space ships, etc. go in the picnic basket, and the houses and bigger stuff go on the top of the shelves.

I do want a small craft box that has lots of sections to divide up the little pieces. Right now I have the lights and clips and other little stuff in zip lock bags, but bags always get dump when you are looking for something in them.

So what do you think? How do you organize your legos?

Daily Rundown:

Breakfast-half an apple and 2 dates and then a Green Smoothie once Caleb woke up

Lunch-a head of red leaf lettuce chopped with black beans and jalapenos on top and a strawberry smoothie (not on top)

Snack-3 clementines and 5(?) dates

Dinner-leftover soup from the freezer with 2 cranberry cornbread muffins with butter

Work done-lots, although I’m blanking on what else I did besides cutting and dremeling 16 sets of keys


workout- took the day off



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