Making the Bed

I have never been a fan of making beds. My mom only made us do it on Saturdays when we had to clean our rooms. It always annoyed me. But I did like the way it looked and how nice it was to climb into at night.

However this was never a good enough reason to make it every day. I mean, it will just get messed up as soon as you get into bed anyway. Plus until recently, I never used a top sheet, just a blanket or two, so it never got that tangled up.

But as I’m trying to follow (in my own way) Flylady, the habit to work on in April is making your bed. I always get up before Caleb, so I have used this excuse in the past to not make the bed. Yes, he shows no interest in vacating the big bed despite the beautiful word pictures I paint about how much nicer it would be to sleep in his own room. I’m fine with it, most of the time, as long as he’s not purposefully annoying me.

To return to the topic at hand, I’ve been making my bed this month. I can’t do it in the morning, so i usually remember sometime before lunch to stop in the bedroom. And I like it. For me, it’s not so much the made bed, though that is nice, it’s the made room.

I made making the bed synonymous with picking the clothes up on the floor, picking up the books from the night before, taking the water glass down to the kitchen. I haven’t gotten to dusting while I’m in there, but I can see myself doing that too.

So the room is picked up daily. The clothes piles don’t build up. I can fold or hang the things that don’t need washing, and put the others in the laundry basket. The books don’t pile up and get stepped on and messed up. And it doesn’t take more than a minute or two, literally.

Ha, naturally neat folks are probably scratching their heads at this point, like DUH, but people like me, who have a tendency to let things slide, know what a revelation routines can be. And what a big impact they can have on your home.

Now if I could only get the unused half of my kitchen table cleared…

Yesterday’s Rundown:

Breakfast-Green Smoothie

Workout 1-went to the first walking/running meetup that I started, there were 3 mothers and their kids there (including me), 2 of them wanted to walk, so I didn’t want to be anti-social, so I walked too. We walked for about an hour. It was nice.

Snack-fresh squeezed OJ and dates

Lunch-at Applebees, I got their unlimited soup and salad, tomato basil soup and spinach salad, it was a pretty good lunch.

Workout 2-Caleb and I went to a trail near us that you can ride bikes on, and he rode his bike and I ran. I’d guess we did less than 2 miles. But if he didn’t stop so much, it would be the ideal workout-at least with him along.

Dinner-Brown rice with garlic (we didn’t have any potatoes for mashed potato day) and broccoli and onions steamed with carrot raisin muffins. it was a very tasty dinner.

TV-none, the internet was down last night so I didn’t get to watch the championship game, but at least I was able to go to bed at a normal hour

Workdone- cut and dremeled 7 whales, turtles, fish, and 2 dolphins, sharks, mermaids, octopi


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