Trusting Yourself

Trusting yourself is just like trusting other people. You trust yourself or mistrust yourself for the same reasons you’d mistrust a mate. And like trusting a man or woman, some people have an easier time with it than others. Some women have an easier time trusting men, because they have avoided the bad ones either by good judgement, luck, or intuition. Or perhaps because they don’t learn from their mistakes.

Some people have no problem trusting themselves, because they have a long history of doing what they set out to do. They decide to take up an exercise program and so they do. They decide to implement a cleaning schedule for their home, and they do. Others of us decide to clean the bathroom thoroughly every Wednesday, and NEVER clean the bathroom thoroughly on Wednesday. Or maybe just once or twice.

We decide that we are going to get that car registration taken care of THIS DAY. And 2 weeks later, it’s still not done. We decide to hang the laundry outside when it warms up a little bit, and when dusk falls, the laundry basket is still sitting full of damp clothes in the foyer.

People like me have trouble trusting themselves. But we have no problem deciding things-making resolutions to do better. It’s really not a problem, because deep down, we know we’ll never do them anyway.

Part of the reason why the Flylady system of housekeeping works for people like me is that we slowly learn to trust ourselves. We start building habits that aren’t too hard, that don’t scare us off, that we actually DO. And so we learn to trust ourselves to do a little bit more.

But it’s only by following through on what you say that makes the magic happen. Letting yourself slip out of the habit is a killer. Your mind jumps on these lapses. “If I just sabotage her once or twice, she’ll give up on this irritating change of behavior.” Because your traitor mind resists change above all else. Your reasoning mind knows change is life, and so you must assert your independence.

If you say you are going to follow a raw diet, do it. You can change your mind later, but make it a conscious choice, not a choice from default, because you were too lazy to follow through on your word. If you say you are going to vacuum the living room every night, vacuum it. Let no excuse get in your way.

Tynan had a great post a few weeks ago where he said that he never quits on a habit until it’s no longer hard. If you decide that vacuuming is too time consuming to do every day, quit after you have started to do it automatically, when you make a conscious decision to stop.

Daily Rundown-

Breakfast- banana smoothie and celery (we were out of spinach-today is shopping day)

Post Workout Snack-4 clementines and 3 dates

Lunch-2 small heads of romaine, black beans, and guacamole and jalapenos of course

Dinner-Black bean soup and homemade bread with olive oil (I know, black beans twice in one day is a lot even for me, but Caleb was dying for some black bean soup. And he ate black beans for lunch too!)

Dessert-a small container of organic greek yogurt that was left from my mom visiting with fresh strawberries and a little scoop of granola on top

Workout-ran 5 miles on a trail while the babysitter was here, it was nice to be able to go somewhere on my run instead of running laps around the block or on the treadmill. I may try to get in a longish run every Tuesday

Work-finished bathtub animals and cut and sanded boats, cut airplane pieces

I also went grocery shopping and mowed the lawn. I use a combination of a weedwacker and push mower (non powered).





One thought on “Trusting Yourself

  1. This is so insightful! I really needed to hear this, and it may be the key to changing some things in my life. Thanks!

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