Second Frost this May with another on the Way

I woke up at 6 this morning, came down stairs, glanced out the window at my car, and said, “&^%*!”


It had frosted again! Last week there was another frost that killed my basil plant and damaged my peppers. I have gardens all around my house on different levels. In front of my house the ground is 2 feet or so lower than the side, where I park my car. The back of my house is about 5-6 feet lower than the side yard.



The bulk of my peppers and tomatoes are planted in the front yard and the back yard.


The top gardens are planted with onions, peas, spinach, and lettuce. But I have 2 pepper plants up there with the lettuce in heavy frost territory. They were sad little things, and though I took a page from Farmer Boy, and watered them with cold water before the sun hit them, I don’t think they are going to make it.



There’s a chance of frost tonight, so I’m going to cover the other peppers with a sheet just in case. The tomatoes are tougher, and they are mostly in the backyard, which is pretty sheltered (and shaded :P).

I was talking to my neighbor today, and she ripped up some oregano and chives for me to plant. I got tarragon at a plant swap I went to, and I bought 2 lavender plants. I planted basil, chamomile, cilantro, and dill seeds. My herb garden is pretty well filled in. I need some thyme and parsley (although I’m not really that fond of parsley). I have loads of 2 varieties of mint.

My blueberry bushes have some blueberries on them. My raspberry patch is spreading and looking lush, so I hope for a few raspberries. The strawberries have some blossoms and we actually got a strawberry yesterday. They are sending out runners too, so I’ll be transplanting them wherever I can find room. I eat loads of strawberries. I could easily have an acre of strawberry plants and eat them all myself, I think.

Things I have left to plant:

-butternut squash

-cucumbers (one or two plants)

-zucchini (one or two plants)

-more potatoes (I’m late, I know, I know!)

-garlic (for harvesting green)

-Cherokee Purple tomatoes – my all time favorite, but I have to go to a special place to get them (I know, I know, I should start them from seed…)

-more peppers, apparently :/

-watermelon, they never get big enough, but I feel obligated to plant it anyway, because it’s so yummy!

-hm, probably other stuff too, but I’m tired and hungry, so I’ll let you know about that later.



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