May Giveaway Winner + June Giveaway + New Toys

Hey, everybody, May has come and gone, and I forgot to even announce what the giveaway was going to be for the month. So I guess we’ll keep it the same as for April. Mollie won for May, because she had the most comments for the month. She’ll get a set of African Animals III (that’s the one with the monkey, the crocodile, and the zebra).

For next month, I’ll be giving away a set of hardwood cars to the person with the most interesting comment (decided arbitrarily by me). So let me know what you think of my posts everybody (and of course, you don’t have to be agreeing with me to win). Also, I’d like to hear what people want to read about this month, so idea comments are definitely included.

Of course, you haven’t seen the hardwood cars yet, because I just made them. So here they are:



They are really smooth, and I love the contrasting colors. You can buy them here.

My recent post where I pleaded for people to stop telling their children that they were clumsy was far and away the most popular post I’ve ever had. I’m not sure if it was because people agreed with me, or they disagreed with me, or my catchy title drew them in (and then they backed away slowly from the crazy lady with the wild child).

I’ve been battling the groundhog this week. Although he’s definitely had the best of me–or rather the best of my kale, collards, and lettuce. I’ll be making moveable cages this week to protect my crops, so stayed tuned for that. I have a ant-detterent post coming plus post about line drying your clothes. So stay tuned, and comment to win free toys!





6 thoughts on “May Giveaway Winner + June Giveaway + New Toys

  1. Good luck with the critters. We are battling slugs right now and a pair of cardinal have been eyeing up our cherry tree. My son likes to yell “no my tree” when he sees the birds. We have been working hard with him to stop the “me,mine, mine” but when he does this we can’t help but laugh. Guess the mine stage is good for something.

    • I would love to read about simple projects I could do with my toddler son. I am thinking about making a bird feeder with him.

  2. I used to cut bars of soap into the shapes of fish and turtles. I could save the pieces in a canning jar, shake them up and make bubble bath. My husband made our first born a set of sturdy blocks cut from a length of 2×4. He sanded them by hand, no varnish, just pine blocks. Four of our kids played with them, ten grandkids, and now the blocks have moved on to a grown grandson’s home to be enjoyed by our greatgrands. The blocks have survived, all of them. They weren’t made in China or painted flashy colors, just blocks, but they have been castles, pirate ships, cages for wild animals, and a staircase for one toddler to reach the cake on the kitchen table. Love your comments. Judy

    • Hi! I love the ideas. My grandfather made some blocks for us out of 2 x 4’s. My parents still have them, they are pretty chipped and battered being pine (and living through 5 boys and a tomboy), but still usable (at least if you aren’t too worried about splinters…which I am not).

  3. Hello! I just found your blog, through a link via email sent to me when I bought some Cherry wood keys for my daughter last night! She’ll be 1 in 2 days (June 13th) and LOVES keys…. In order to avoid big box stores, support local mamas/business’, and also find something NON-TOXIC! for her to chew on… we found your keys and ordered them! =) Anyhow, the really cool thing is that I found you by a complete accident, but upon reading 5-6 blog posts in the last hour, I can’t believe I didn’t find it sooner! lol… We seem to share many views, and I really enjoy reading both DIY and Unschooling blogs, so this is just perfect!! What really hit spot on for me was your quote/idea “People sense that insecurity and attack.” about making “controversial” choices like Unschooling, breastfeeding, cosleeping, etc…. I’m very against the grain, so to speak, lately, and I find the more confident about these things that I am, the less backlash/controversy it causes! Even family members would attempt to “question” our choices at first, but when I come into the convo., and more importantly: LIVE life with complete confidence, everything flows so much easier! I think change and against the grain mentality actually scares a lot of people and makes them nervous, so the instinctual response is to attack and/or badger with questions… so I try to be understanding when brought under the magnifying glass for our choices… but in the end, I remember that our decisions are made in the best interest of our children, our family, and future generations, and that gives me the courage and fortitude to carry on =)

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