Best Show EVER!

Friday evening we were at the WYEP Music Festival in Pittsburgh. The show was from 4pm-whenever it got too dark or late for you.

It was my first outdoor show since I moved out here 3 years ago, so I basically had nothing. My old canopy got left up in the rain overnight and collapsed on me (well, not ON me, but it collapsed). I still had my folding tables, but at 4 feet long they didn’t really fit in my station wagon with all my other stuff. Plus they are holding my table saw and my sliding miter saw and lots of scrap wood and dust and drill bits and so on.

What I did have was my folding shelves. But I really wanted to have was larger shelves to reduce the need for tables. I thought about making larger versions of the ones I had, but it seemed like too much work. So I made a ladder shelf. I’ll have more details on that tomorrow, but it ran me about $40 for the wood.


I still needed a canopy. It was storming on and off pretty much the whole week, and more storms were forecasted for Friday, so I wasn’t going to take a chance on going without one. After debating, I finally just got the cheapest one they had at Lowes ($79), but it seems good enough for occasional use. I also bought one fold-up folding table at Lowes (on sale for $32).

Of course the thing to do is not wait until the last minute and try to get these things used, but of course, I was buying it the day before. The table was actually a game day decision–I picked it up on the way to the show.

The show was AWESOME. We were under these big trees so we were shaded from the hot sun (when it was shining). They also had a children’s area that had someone making balloon animals, a booth where you could make your own noisemaker things, dancers dancing ballet mostly, a band, and a bouncy house.


Caleb is the green blur with the green balloon sword.

So Caleb was bouncing, swordfighting with balloon swords, running around amidst the concert goers in the grass, visiting a crafter he befriended at the last show we did in Pittsburgh…I barely saw him the whole show. He stopped in to eat some Panera whole grain baguette (so good!) around dinner and to beg for money to buy a cookie, but really it was the best show ever because he had so much to do.

I also made enough money to recoup my losses on the canopy, shelves, and table, and then some. It may have been the most I ever sold at a show. I had a steady stream of shoppers (even though most of them don’t buy, I still have to be there), so I didn’t get to look around much even.

The park had a carousel, so I sent Caleb to check it out. He came back reporting that it was $1.25 a ride, so I handed over some money (easy to do when you are having a good show). He then came back reporting that he was not allowed to ride without an adult. What?! It’s a merry-go-round. What’s he going to do jump under the wheels?? Well, it was on the other side of the park, and I couldn’t leave. But later he asked someone else to take him over with them, and by then it had closed, because of the rain, I think.

My canopy was very necessary, it turned out. An hour or so into the show it started thundering, and the wind was gusting and blowing everyone’s stuff over. Then the sky opened up. Some people even left, but I held on to my tent (literally, I was afraid the wind would blow it away), and the storm blew over after a half an hour or so of rain.

Things I forgot: my extra wee people, my full-size table cloth, my price tags, and probably more things that I’m forgetting right now! I also didn’t bring my camera, figuring I’d just use the one on my new phone, but the pictures are all blurry, so I won’t be doing that again.

The rest of the evening was lovely. Somebody bought the dollhouse and the furniture. Someone else recruited me for a couple more craft shows. I stayed until it was too dark to see, and then packed up and went home.



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