Local Food Month and Peach Syrup “Recipe”

Local Food Month is going off without a hitch so far. Surprisingly.

I’m kind of fussy about my food, and I want what I want, but shoot, it’s August! Who wouldn’t be happy with juicy peaches, sweet tomatoes, fresh potatoes, watermelon, and all the other tasty offerings from my garden and from the market?



As an aside, I have NO idea where that bottle of A1 steak sauce came from. I found it in my fridge when I was cleaning it out, and I can’t imagine how I got it! It’s really weird. I suppose I should throw it out.


We had this soup for dinner last week with our fresh tomatoes, and I threw in about a cup of chopped fresh basil from my garden. It was soo good. Ours wasn’t vegan though, because I used our raw cow milk that we’re using this month in instead of the soy milk. I guess tomato paste is a cheat, but it was a pantry item, and I’ve been dying to make this soup with good tomatoes.

I’ve been having black beans and tomatoes pretty much every day for lunch. They’re amazing together. Plus I don’t have any lettuce, though I have some more coming up in the garden.

PEACHES, ripe in-season, local, are one of my all time favorite fruits.


One I was a kid, one day we went to the farm down the road and picked peaches before Saturday breakfast. When we got home, my dad whizzed up some of the peaches in the blender for our pancakes. He called it Peach Syrup.

It was the only time he ever made that for us, but I never forgot it. In my adulthood, I’ve made it a few times, and it is delicious. It’s best if you leave some chunks, but peeling them before blending is a good idea. I did it in my little blender, because I was just making it for myself.


And did you see what I found last week at the farmer’s market? Local maple syrup!



3 thoughts on “Local Food Month and Peach Syrup “Recipe”

  1. Yum! I recently found out a close neighbor sells eggs=win! And I’ve been enjoying the farmers market as well. We (I garden with my parents) are being over run with zucchini and yellow squash. But oh the cucumbers ❤

      • I actually got into sell at the Pittsburgh renaissance festival (there’s a lesson there in applying to shows on a whim), so I’m slammed right now. But if you wanted to drive 2 hrs out of your way…we’d hook you up.

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