Making Pasta Sauce out of Fresh Tomatoes


I thought it was appropriate to start with that first photo. Just to remind you (as if you could forget) that life in this blog is not perfect. Both pots boiled over, by the way, I just thought to grab the camera on the second one.

So I spent way too much of the day washing, cutting, processing, stirring, and cleaning up after tomatoes. I got a half a bushel of organic tomatoes at the farmer’s market for $10, so today, I got to work wasting my day.

Seriously, I have a show on Sunday (at Marty’s Market and Wigle Whisky in Pittsburgh for you locals) and a wholesale order for a new client. There were way better ways to spend my day than making tomato sauce.

I don’t even like tomato sauce that much. And Walmart has it for $1.25 a quart. It’s pretty tasty too. It’s got chunks of onion and pepper and zuccini. I prefer my spaghetti with a pat of butter and garlic salt.

But for some reason I have this compulsion to make stuff. And I have to admit, it was pretty tasty at the end.


Three of those pints (plus some of a quart) came from this bag:


While I was looking for sauce recipes (none of which I actually used), I came across this blog post where the writer was making sauce out of the skins. It appealed to my frugal nature, and I always felt guilty for wasting all that stuff that came out of the other end of my Victorio Strainer. So I gave it a shot.

I cooked the goop for a while with about a cup of the juice from the other pot, because the stuff is kind of dry when it comes out. After it had cooked down for a while I blended it up in the blender, and then pushed the liquid through a strainer. Then I cooked it down some more.


When it was done, it was a nice sauce. It was smoother than the other sauce, but still a nice consistency. I was quite pleased to get some extra sauce out of stuff that would have just gone to feed the micro-organisms in my compost.

Now all I had to do was the dishes.


Whose bright idea was it to make sauce anyway?


2 thoughts on “Making Pasta Sauce out of Fresh Tomatoes

  1. Thanks for keeping it real, Cheryl! Love the top photo. 🙂 And the sauce looks delicious. We’re going to be eating some stewed tomatoes and okra tonight!

  2. LOL! I made tomato sauce a couple years ago and decided it wasn’t worth the effort for the amount of work that went into it. I wish I had more drive, or I would do it again. Oh, well 🙂 Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog so I could come visit yours 🙂

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