September Giveaway Winner + More Cashmere

Tiana won a free toy of her choice worth $25 or less for her ideas on making things out of cashmere scraps.

I spent all afternoon yesterday sewing. Sadly, I don’t really have that much to show for it. Sewing is such a frustrating thing to do.

If I make a mistake with wood, it’s rarely fatal to the piece of work. For one thing, I am sawing slowly enough that I can correct before I ruin the thing. And if I do make a defect, half the time it can just be sanded away. Plus, scroll saw is not a very exact art. Wavy lines are the norm.

Sewing on the other hand must be very precise. And on the parts that I have the most trouble with, the lines are supposed to be perfectly straight. Sewing sweaters is even harder, because it’s nearly impossible to take out a seam without ripping open the sweater as well. Plus, you are working with a very limited supply of fabric so you can’t waste anything.

Originally, I hand sewed everything, but that takes time, and at least with my sewing, doesn’t make as strong a seam.

So anyway, I have a few seconds quality cashmere pants for you today. Just click on the pictures to go to my shop and purchase. The two pairs of pants are marked down to $12.

100_7291 100_7320


And one pair that actually turned out nicely.






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