Just Do It

I like to read things. I’ve had my nose stuck in a book since I learned how to read. I love reading blogs. I love to research an idea that I’m interested in.

The problem is, I research and read and think about it, but most things require something more.

To actually DO it.

When I started making toys, I read (and watched) everything I could get my hands on about the subject, but I never made any progress (and never really understood anything), until I actually bought a saw and starting cutting up wood.

I read breastfeeding books before I had my son, and while they were sort of helpful, nothing can really prepare you for nursing, and nothing can teach you like actually doing it. And my son was very intent on teaching me (allll day and alllll night).

For some reason though, the lesson hasn’t sunk in. I read organizing and housekeeping books (mostly borrowed from my mother’s library), and I subscribe to Flylady emails, but for some reason, I didn’t realize that the books wouldn’t clean my house for me.

When I was a kid, one of my younger brothers and I would peruse the Lego catalogue and make elaborate budgets for our $3 allowances. On paper, I’d be able to buy the Lego western town by July. But making a budget isn’t the same as sticking to that budget.

Now I make to-do lists: for work, for the house, for the garden. I make schedules for household work. I read organizing blogs. I read homemaking blogs (which are so dominated by the uber-religious, it’s ridiculous).

Finally I realized what I was looking for:

A trick. A magic trick that would make my house clean itself. That would make my shoes put themselves away and my dishes wash themselves after I cooked and ate. iheartorganizing must be able to tell me their secret for having perfectly clean houses all the time.

And then I realized:

There is no secret.

No clever plan that will allow you to watch television while your muffin pans wash themselves.

You just gotta do it.


Every time it needs doing.

There’s no trick for quitting  a television binge, except to close your computer and go to bed.

There’s no trick for parenting. No way to circumvent listening, being present, even arguing on occasion and disagreeing.

You just gotta do it.

And the more you do it. The better you get at it. The better you are at it, the more you want to keep doing it, and the more results you’ll see.

Stop reading about being a parent. Stop thinking about cleaning your house. Stop doing nothing but researching that new business idea.

Just DO it.


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