You like me, you’ll love these.

This is a new blog from one of my readers here. It’s called Sanity Hacks. I’m not sure exactly what a “hack” is, but the word pops up on the internet a lot. Anyway, she has a lovely post about not underestimating our children (and by inference, not running our mouth when we’d be better off watching). A good reminder.

Leo, from Zen Habits, the first blog that I started following, has started a new blog called Unschoolery. And I’m very excited about it. He’s had big kids and little kids unschooling, and he’s a wonderful writer and motivator.

This blog, Clean, is a new one I’ve been following. She lives on a farm (non-commercial) and unschools her kids and makes stuff. It’s my kind of blog. This is a recent back to school post for unschoolers. Because, even though, I thought school was boring, the start of the school year was always exciting.



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