Super Easy, Super Delicious Tomato Soup

So last time I made tomato sauce, I decided it was going to be the last time for the year. I don’t like my spaghetti with sauce, and Caleb keeps complaining about the homemade stuff. Twice a year was enough for me. I was done.

No boil overs this time!

No boil overs this time!

Until I thought of making tomato soup with my sauce. My tomato-basil soup recipe that I use is basically tomatoes + milk + paste + a little flour for thickening. And the herbs of course.

So I took my sauce, added some carrots, some milk, the basil, and BAM, some seriously good tomato-basil soup.

I never liked tomato soups. I thought they were watery, bland, and just tasted bad. But as I grew up, I had some of Caleb’s at Panera, and it was pretty good, not bad. But then I had Bertucci’s tomato-basil soup, and it was just chock full of basil. It was thick and bursting with flavor. So I had to come up with a decent tomato soup recipe.

Super Easy Tomato-Basil Soup

2 quart jars of prepared (preferably homemade) pasta sauce

2-3 carrots, softened in a separate pot

1 tablespoon of maple syrup, honey, or sugar if your sauce isn’t already a little bit sweet

1/2-1 cup of soy milk (if you use cow milk or cream, just wait until you are almost ready to eat to add it)

a couple of tablespoons of fresh basil with as much as you want extra for adding at the end (hint-more is better)

combine all the ingredients (except the milk if you are using dairy) in the blender, then pour the soup into the crockpot or a regular pot and let it simmer until dinner, whether dinner is in five minutes or five hours

If you like a chunky tomato soup, just add a diced tomato or 2 to the pot or a jar of canned, diced tomatoes if it’s winter.

To serve add large quantities of minced basil to the bowls and top with some freshly ground pepper.

So I had to get more tomatoes and make more sauce, just for this recipe. I emailed one of my farmers (yup, I like pretending the farmers at my market are growing just for me) and asked for 2 pecks of sauce tomatoes (and raspberries and some of that GOOD lettuce).

They delivered. Of course, then I saw that one of my other farmers had big old apple boxes full of tomatoes for only $10, so I just had to get one of them… And after I bought a big box of tomatoes, a scant peck of apples (at a reduced price), and some cantaloupe from her, she offered me 40 lbs or so of sweet corn that had been picked a couple of days before that she didn’t want to go to waste.

So yesterday, after tennis, Caleb and I husked corn out in the sunshine. Then I started cutting it off the ears, and I kept cutting it off for a really long time (at least it felt like a really long time). I ended up with about five gallon sized zip lock bags full of corn kernels.


One of those gallons has been dehydrating in the oven since then. I have an idea to make corn meal out of it. We’ll see.

While I was cutting, Caleb put his curvy board on my desk chair and started spinning around on it, singing to himself.



Enjoy the harvest!


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