Where have we been?

It’s been too long.

We’ve been around, maybe even around you.

First we were in Pittsburgh selling our toys at the Rubber Ducky Bridge Party.




We didn’t get home until midnight. Then the next morning we headed back east for the Allegheny Green and Innovation Festival and Hay Day.

There were hayrides, pony rides, a petting zoo, a hay maze, and lots more things that I didn’t get pictures of. It was a great show. Despite how tired he must have been, I didn’t even see Caleb for half the day, so it must have been a good show. He went on the hay ride, had a pony ride, and did a lot of hard playing. I sold lots of toys, so we were both happy.

I came home from the show and got to work on a big wholesale order that I wanted to get done before I left for New Jersey on Tuesday. I worked almost nonstop until the second I left. I stayed up all night Monday night working.

Then we were off to New Jersey to visit my family and friends, and see my cousin get married.

We drove up to Lancaster to my cousin’s wedding. They got married in a barn on a neat farm kind of like a larger version of Johnson’s Farm (for my NJ readers).

We took a trip to the Camden Aquarium thanks to a friend’s membership.





After a nice long visit in NJ (don’t worry it was a working vacation),  we took the Megabus down to Washington, DC to visit my brother.

david's new office

david’s new office



Maybe next time they’ll have the place up and running for us. As it was, we got chased out of the Jefferson Memorial after we hopped the fence. And we didn’t get to visit the Smithsonian. But we did have fun with my brother and his girlfriend.

When we got home, I got right down to business. I had dollhouses and kitchens to make. I had to prep for a craft show, and get the house back in order from my frantic all-nighter before we left.

We went to I Made It Spooky on Saturday to sell our toys, and all my prep was wasted. We sold 2 items. It went down in history as our worst show ever.

Caleb had fun though.


I spent Sunday cleaning and painting people. And today I finally posted something on my blog.




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