You Can’t Rush Art

The other day I was sanding dollhouses. I was making five of them at a time, and getting a little impatient with all the sanding. I just wanted to be done.

And I caught myself trying to hurry the sanding along.

Sanding is not something that can be hurried. A hurried sanding job is a bad sanding job, and I take pride in my smooth, rounded edges.

So all I was doing was tensing myself up for no reason. I forced myself to relax.

There is very little room in woodworking for rushing. You have to take your time and measure correctly. Then you had better be calm and focused while you are cutting, because you just might end up cutting the wrong thing (like your finger). Then you just have to put in your time at the sander.

So you might as well relax and enjoy yourself.

That doesn’t mean dillydallying and fiddle-faddling. It just means enjoy your work.

If you are washing dishes, you really can’t make it go any faster, and if you try, you might end up breaking something. Work efficiently, but relax into the task. Don’t fight it.

Sometimes I can feel my neck muscles getting tense–fighting against the job I’m doing. Tensing up your muscles is not going to make you work any faster, so just relax.

It’s going to take a certain amount of time to complete 5 Wooden Dollhouses. It’s going to take a certain amount of time to wash the dishes. Accept that. And then enjoy your work.

And remember, no matter how busy you are–make sure to take time out to make volcanoes every now and then.



How did I have time to write this post? Caleb decided, since he had nothing else to do, he’d clean things: the cabinets, the stove, the side of the freezer that he colored all over….







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